New from Carl F. Manero Bucherer

Manero Bucherer


Carl F. Bucherer has launched a new model of wristwatch collections Manero BigDate. Watches combine elegant simplicity and practical functionality. By all measures, it is a pure classic. Hours are not burdened by any conceptual application excesses. They are designed to clearly define to perform its function of time. As with all models of this family have quiet hours, classical forms, which, despite the volatility of fashion trends, and various technical manipulations are always at the height of the “pyramid” preferences.
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A new “Diver” SportTaucher M brand of watch ARCHIMEDE



Heavy-duty and reliable models of wristwatches ARCHIMEDE with its excellent performance and a harmonious relationship quality and the price shot to fame in the watch world. High-tech hull models, dials with many variants, chronological, and automatic course flawless hours ARCHIMEDE gained popularity around the world.
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Tribute to femininity and luxury watches DeLaneau

luxury watches


An old Swiss watch company DeLaneau specializes in unique in design and materials of watches, which are hand-made and mostly made to order for collectors. According to Creative Director Christina Tevny brand, “the clock DeLaneau combine exceptional quality, craftsmanship and high hourly genuine art, which takes as its soul. Luxury watches have DeLaneau truly feminine character.
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DeWitt opened his first boutique in Hong Kong



June 22 the grand opening of its first boutique watch company DeWitt in Hong Kong. The new boutique – a good opportunity to introduce their products market in China. Store opening was accompanied by the launch of the latest ladies’ collection of Golden Afternoon, which was presented this year at an international exhibition in Basel.
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Hourglass again popular



Hundreds of years ago were an hourglass for the residents of the ancient world as common as for us – a mechanical or electronic dial. But now times have already passed the hourglass, as there are a lot of their analogues, which show a more precise time. But in fact, an hourglass can be often found, and now, because their style never goes out of popularity, they are often used along with the usual hours, and then replace them – and this is not always done for decorative purposes. But there is also such an hourglass, which is not within the sand – there are used instead of sand real authentic diamonds.
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The literature of Omega



There are two important literary productions that tell us of OMEGA. The first of which I speak is “THE SAGA OMEGA” essential reference for any fan OMEGA who wants to define itself seriously. The book contains stories, anecdotes and details of the history of the brand, but when the work is only available in French.
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