Zenith Watches.Since 1865, Zenith is a brand loyal to the values ​​and the ideal of perfection

Zenith WatchesSince 1865, Zenith is a brand loyal to the values ​​and the ideal of perfection of the great Swiss watchmaking tradition. Born out of the hands of Georges-Emile Favre-Bulle in the village of Le Locle in the Swiss canton of Neuchatel, the firm has always been characterized by an open mind to progress.

Zenith belongs to the very small circle of Swiss watch manufacturers, creating their own mechanisms. It is the only manufacture that produces both an automatic chronograph mechanism and an automatic mechanism. And a total of 1,565 First Prizes reward Observatory Chronometer Zenith Manufacturing, which has been enshrined in all continents for its technical and aesthetic perfection.

Zenith Watches

She has won at the Universal Exhibitions in Paris, Milan, Barcelona and Montreal, in addition to getting the New York International Diamond and Gold Mercury Rome Chronometric Observatory of Neuchatel (Switzerland) and the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington (GB .) These numerous awards recognize the ongoing search for precision and reliability, two basic concepts in the philosophy of Zenith. Currently, the firm represented in Spain has three families of high quality mechanical movements: first, the first automatic chronograph mechanism in the world and unique in its category that measures short times up to 1 / 10 of a second, a benefit unparalleled, feature Zenith ELITE, automatic movement manufacturing slim energy output and high reserve, which meets the approval criteria in the category of timers, and 5011K, movements onboard timers or watches Precision manual winding.

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