Youth Collection Paper hours “The Patch”

Paper hours


Every day we use disposable items and understand that it is very convenient. Used utensils, Release and know that it does not need washing, using paper towels and rejoice that it is not necessary to wash.

All these disposable things we really make life easier and make it more dynamic. Did you know that there were paper and watch. Yes, it is mechanical wrist watches paper. Their founder was a Swiss company called, Altanus and they gave the name of such an unusual wristwatches “The Patch”, which translated into Russian means “rag”. Interestingly, what do you want paper, “clocks”? That is, the evolution of the watch, or just the author of this vision of the current devices? Now we’ll know more in detail. Turns out to watch «The Patch» made of special paper that is coated with a special tool that makes it super durable and waterproof, and yet this paper is biodegradable, and thus throwing out those hours, even on the street, you will not harm nature. Authors wrist Paper hours “The Patch” offer many different colors for this model, about 20 colors. The colors are all very vivid: red, yellow, green, blue, orange, blue, violet, as well as all sorts of patterns, flags and abstractions. Agree, but such bright clock can not wear everything. But young people will appreciate this collection highly. After the young are not practical things to them all, so that it was beautiful, bright and draws attention to his person, and that this thing tomorrow, he throws it and not think about. Here we find the answers to all questions put before us, and all at once it became clear. Incidentally, such clock is already on sale and their price is 24 euros.

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