Year of high speeds. Seiko lineup is huge, but it sports Japanese watches have long been the hallmark of the brand

Year of high speeds


Seiko lineup is huge, but it sports Japanese watches have long been the hallmark of the brand. Formed four years ago Sportura collection has become a leader of sales and at the same time showed the price niche, which is going to focus renewed Seiko: from $ 400 up to 3000.

Addicted to sports Seiko watches can be explained. This growing market segment and the segment where you can successfully demonstrate an unsurpassed level of technical companies. Seiko Timekeeper had several competitions and set world championships in various sports. In the end sports watches – it’s just fashionable. as the top brand presence in the sports arena, last year signed a cooperation agreement between the team and Seiko Honda Racing F1 Team.

Cooperation with the “Formula 1” for the Seiko is really one of the most important areas of work. sponsorship of the fastest and most beautiful event in the world, attracting the screens of hundreds of millions of TV viewers, is the best way of advertising. At the same time, namely, “Formula 1” is most closely matches the spirit of Seiko – most high-tech brand in the world.

To predict that, after reaching agreement with the Honda team will follow a special edition model was not required to be a visionary. And those hours there – Seiko Honda Racing F1 Team Alarm Chronograph. Long name like the names of Arab sheikhs, which usually lists all the services as the holder of the name, and his ancestors. Indeed, the watches Seiko created in close collaboration with a team of Honda, as soon resemble the two logos on the dial. Split chronograph based on the caliber 7T62 is a function alarm clock, the dial of deep black color perfectly readable in all conditions thanks to anti-reflective glass and luminous markings. Strength and processability machine “Formula 1” can be seen in everything, including – in the special screws, tightening between a bezel and housing. Automotive character clock is manifested in the materials: red and black bracelet watch is made of polyurethane, resistant to engine oil. Attention to oil, rather than to the banal sea water, no accident: it was such a watch in the coming season will be all 470 members of the racing team Honda. Retail price on this model will be around 600 euros, which makes it interesting not only for fans of Formula 1, but for everyone who wants to have a bright genuine and reliable watch.

The second innovation, dedicated to “Formula 1”, was Sportura Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph. This model is a continuation of the theme of the famous “chetyrehglazogo” chronograph, established technology with Kinetic. as well as in past years, it is based on the caliber of 9t82, combines the functions of quartz and mechanical watches. The world’s first chronograph designed for technology Kinetic, ie, receiving power from the hand movements. lovers of quartz, he gives great precision and accuracy of measurement of time intervals (up to 1 / 10 seconds, the maximum duration of the measured interval – 12 hours). lovers will appreciate the mechanics of the independence of hours on batteries and familiar click when you reset the chronograph (reset function is executed in the same way as in the mechanical chronograph – with “hearts”). But in a lot of new models. For the first time four small dials covered with a common glass, as on the dashboard of modern sports cars. steel case received special treatment, making the surface more durable. Unlike previous versions, two-tone body: its top is wearing a black ion coating. This model will be released limited edition of 1500 pieces. Each instance of hours completed certificate signed by the heir of the founder – Shiney Hattori. Besides the new buyers’ chetyrehglazogo “get a piece of this car,” Formula 1 “. They will gear gearbox racing car. Approximate price Sportura Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph – around 6000 euros.

Year of high speeds

In addition to the release of a model designed to emphasize cooperation with Seiko “Formula 1”, a powerful update received this year and the main collection of Sportura. Although this rule has existed for four years and is one of the most dynamic, all updates are incurred only for external design, while a set of mechanisms has remained unchanged: there were only four. This year, Seiko announced two new calibers, but such that any other manufacturer would call it no less than the record breakthrough in watchmaking. Mechanisms of these are really interesting.

The first of them – 7T82 – retrograde analog chronograph that can measure time to within 1 / 100 second. Record accuracy is achieved by using clever combinations of arrows. At 12 o’clock, “there are two coaxial direction, measure tenths and hundredths of seconds. And at the bottom of the dial is placed 40-minute retrograde counter minutes.

The second mechanism – the N024 – is a combined analog / digital. He is able to measure intervals up to day with an unprecedented accuracy of 1 / 1000 seconds. And this precision clock stand, working in any mode: chronograph with memory lap time or a countdown timer. accurate measurement results are displayed in digital form. In addition to this there is an electronic scale on the outer edge of the dial, which acts as a second hand and helps the owner to quickly determine the approximate time. The absolute universality of the clock attached to the presence of the perpetual calendar and alarm clock. We can say that N024 – the best gift lovers “Formula 1”, because allows a person for a little money to have a device that measures time with the same accuracy as the professional equipment used on the racetrack.

Announcing the arrangements, Seiko has introduced several models based on them. They are all created in accordance with a new design collection Sportura. This year, the watch case has a more aerodynamic shape, add black bezel, attached to the chassis with four screws, and movable ears, which provide a customized fit strap his arms and high wearing comfort hours. In addition to steel bracelet watch is available on leather strap of the special, patented Seiko design. Depending on the version, the retail price of hours with the new arrangements is within 700 euros.

“Whether you’re moving on land or on water, on four wheels or two – Seiko watches are next” – this is the leitmotif of press releases. This assertion is largely true, because the model Seiko are among the best in the market of sports watches. Represented in this year’s new products enhance the most popular collection of stamps and have all the chances to enter the leaders in sales. especially when you consider advertising support, which will mark thanks to the cooperation with the “Formula 1”.

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