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As everyone has long known that girls are not very well managed with the technique, but even more so in its creation, but we all know that girls are great lovers of beauty and create beautiful masterpieces is their strong point. And here is a designer from Spain Loto Esineyden (Loyto Esineiden) by their example has decided to prove that it is not so, as all are accustomed to thinking, and created a wristwatch “Koko Muo”. No, this watch will not rhinestones, flowers, stones, blestyashek, pink, and everything will be much more serious.

The design of these watches is quite original and certainly not “girlish” design, and even contrary brutal and male. Dial watches “Koko Muo” designed as a speedometer, and as expected, the speedometer two arcs, but arcs do not indicators of speed, and with the values ​​of time. Two semicircles of different diameters, one that indicates that more than an hour, and one that shows less minutes of arc are divided into 12 equal parts, and each division is responsible for one hour, as the completion of “arches” and can be oriented in time. In my opinion all very simple and easy to use. In addition, Loto Esineyden (Loyto Esineiden) decided to carry out their idea in two colors, and suggested that reserved and mild colors for real men: black and silver. Guess watches “Koko Muo” you should look solid and very serious people who also love the speed and do not like to spend a lot time on the determination of the time. It turns out some sort of a tautology, but it’s true. After all, the status of men is determined by three things in his shoes, smell, and its clock. And to be on top, you just need to buy watches “Koko Muo” by Spanish designer Loto Esineyden (Loyto Esineiden), which is certainly a good judge of men, and it seems that also follows the rule that a man must stand for hours, shoes and perfume.


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