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Time passes and more and more appliances, and new technologies zapolonyayut our lives, thus simplifying it until nowhere. Evolution has touched everything you can imagine, televisions, telephones, computers, microwave ovens, electric kettles, ironing and rectifiers, hair dryers and curling, blenders and mixers, juicers and coffee makers, and the list goes on and on. It’s all the things without which we can not imagine my life and it is those things, without which, it seems to me, life would have seemed more difficult.

Take even a clock, remember what they were, starting from the clock with a bell, and remember what they are now. Agree that progress on the face. First began to appear hours with three arrows, then the shooter was becoming less and less now created several concepts, where the arrow is not provided at all. But a new designer from Germany under the pseudonym “Sam” decided after all not to bother over a complex concept and decided to keep at least one arrow. But as an arrow, the arrow is not simple, and the arrow unusual. The arrow on the clock designer Sama is one, but what it is. The arrow with a long face and one end of the arrow of another column. That end, which is thinner, indicates a minute, and one that indicates the thickness of the clock. All easy and simple and no quirks and complexities in the definition of time. Changing all the time flows with inexorable speed, and in order to be watching, we just need design ideas such as a clock with a single arrow One Line. After all, life is long, and throughout life we ​​are watching time, and that this occupation took place is not boring, but interesting and beautiful. Speaking of beauty, forgot to add that the clock model One Line will come in three colors: white, silver and bright pink and more of them will be built in lighting, for night vision.


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