Window to the World.Name of the Japanese brand surprisingly in tune with his Russian translation



Japan Window
Name of the Japanese brand surprisingly in tune with his Russian translation “window.” Window we can call and square in the wall, which is seen an anthill nearby residential building, and glass carriage with the words “do not lean.” And we can give the word another meaning a window that fills the house with sounds and smells of the garden, a window, looking out of that, you can see mountains, sea, magnificent sunsets. Window or attic, a black square shows the stars. Mado a window through which opens the way to the beautiful, the natural attitude, understanding the meaning of existence and value of traditions.

Hours MADO Japanese company produces Tsuyama Seisakujo Co., Ltd at our plant on the island of Taiwan. Since its inception in 1995, brand manufacturers embarked on a small-scale production of expensive art models. Collections include interior clock design finds a well-known Japanese artist Shanesa Chiu. Owner MADO hours can be sure that its fine selection were able to repeat at least a thousand lovers of semimilliardnogo humanity, all models are manufactured strictly limited quantities.


About a year ago MADO appeared on the Russian market and immediately took him to a special place. Wrong to say “new items have gained market”: they did not have to press competitors. They were out of competition due to its unusual. Few can pass showcases MADO, not pausing to think a minute or two to consider unusual ideas and how they are implemented in hours. At retail prices (6-12 thousand rubles wall model, and about 20 000 – floor) brand also appeared in its special niche, seriously separate from the general Chinese “dishes, but remained more affordable in comparison with classical mechanics. That’s how much was a buyer willing to pay for a really original and modern interior decoration.

Carry the Arts people

MADO manufacturers have done everything to make their products were attractive not only for buyers but also for the shop. In addition to the information booklet attached to each model and it was a notebook on a leather cord, which contains a poem designed to help understand the concept designer. Hours completed passport in Russian, warranty card and battery. Everyone who first meets with the products MADO, lead to the delight and amazement of trivia, which took care of the manufacturer: dowel with a screw for the buyer firm price tag for the seller.


A set of conceptual models is small, about 50 fundamentally different options. But each of them comes in different colors, which, combined with a lot of manual labor makes the exclusivity of each instance. The initial collection of five hours, including interior, costs $ 1000 and requires about one and a half square meters of wall. If space allows, it is recommended to increase it to 15-20 pieces. Not to limit the buyer’s choice models on the window, the Japanese company offers a complete catalog in Russian with a detailed description of the clock and an indication of their size.

The practice of Russian stores showed that MADO give a double effect. They are not just highly profitable product (retail markup is about 100%), but also form an excellent showcase, attracting new groups of customers. In addition to people who appreciate art and are willing to pay for the creation of an artist of unusual products and salon will pay attention to those in the interior design favors exclusive things, and those who are simply looking for an original gift.

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