Watches Terra Cielo Mare .Earth Sea Sky is a brand that deserves attention and interest


Watches Terra Cielo Mare

Earth Sea Sky is a brand that deserves attention and interest because they always put the clock in the foreground as a traveling companion and life.

The collection is designed by Earth Sea Sky models for functional and aesthetic can be classified into these three areas, as they had divided the Military Corps.

Another peculiarity is the binding of each model to historical facts or Italian characters on Earth, the sky and the sea have helped to raise awareness of our country.

The Trademark Terra Cielo Mare makes every single model with craftsmanship and quality, are an example of the features crowns vessel, the curved glass lens effect, processing Cloisonné and many other small but not insignificant detail.

Watches Terra Cielo Mare

The brand philosophy is to characterize each clock with distinctive both from the aesthetic or historic. Nor does it suggest that the left-handed, with the three Sorci Verdi that appear on the dial, through patient work Cloisonné, and the incision plane Savoia Marchetti SM 79 on the back, he brought back a legendary squadron of brave pilots.

Not to mention the first watch the AirFirst55, a faithful reproduction of the first aviator watches, with which we wanted to celebrate the brave airmen of the thirties.

Earth Sea Sky has been successful in a small but important undertaking that is bringing together a group of companies of handicraft, which allow the exclusive use of curved glass lens effect of the particular row flared and boxes of precious wood, new edition of those historic years twenties and thirties, who take our models to their new adventures.

Watches Terra Cielo Mare

Earth Sea Sky wants to be synonymous with recovery of the ancient and traditional techniques of master watchmakers, coupled with modern and sophisticated equipment.

Just think of how each index and each ball to be filled manually with the Superluminova while new caseback with scratch resistant mineral glass are etched with a new technique of engraving.

Then without neglecting the enamel dials “ceramic” models Vienna and crystal domed, nine millimeters thick, the Diver.

Again for the development of Earth Sea Sky has already prepared new plans for the future which provide for the presentation of material on the market innovative and exclusive patents.

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