Watch Ulysea Nardin

Watch Ulysea Nardin In 1846 Ulysse Nardin Le Locle based on their own business after conducting an intensive apprenticeship with the master watchmaker William Dubois, who learned the greatest secrets of this craft, was then 23 years and their ability to manage knowledge would soon be notable because their ability to create timers, clocks chiming pocket and “Grande Complication”, as the successes achieved in the Universal Exhibition in London in 1862 and the Neuchatel Observatory Competition in 1868.

Thus began the history of one of the most important houses of Swiss watchmaking, that the successes of the founder joined those harvested by his son, Paul David Nardin, an award of honor and only gold medal chronometry contest organized by the Society Arts in Geneva, and the status of quality and prestige, generation after generation, was able to maintain the Nardin family. Only in the 70’s, the company experienced a period of recession, widespread in the Swiss watch industry, who managed to go back through the efforts of its director Rolf M. Schnyder.

Watch Ulysea Nardin

In 1983 Schnyder launches historic clock: Galileo Galilei, an astrolabe wrist can indicate the time of day, local, month, the sign of the zodiac, the length of day and night, phases of the moon, lunar and solar eclipses. This work of art would then Copernicus Planetarium and Tellurium Johannes Kepler, who completed a trilogy of complicated watches, unique and exclusive. Precious and cherished, jewelry, engineering watchmaker Ulysse Nardin conquer hearts and markets, among the latter the Spanish.

Watch Ulysea Nardin

If all your creations are already outstanding, well worth remembering some current lines as emblematic as the GMT and San Marco, in different versions, as well as very special models, among others, flyback chronographs Berlin, San Marco Jaquemart Sonnerie en passant, the 150 Anniversary Perpetual Calendar or Marine Chronometer Limited Edition, an exceptional piece also made ​​conmmemorar the 150 anniversary of the brand and available in both yellow gold, pink or white 18 carat … Are some examples of the wisdom of manufacturing Ulysse Nardin, a brand that has made ​​history.

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