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Luxury WatchesLuxury Watches


There are different ways to buy luxury watches second hand, so there are different aspects to consider before making a transaction of this type.

It is very important that the clock is complete and in original box with manual and warranty. This ensures that the owner or previous owners have been careful and had sufficient care to preserve the papers and box. When purchasing, make sure that the seller completed correctly and signed the certificate of purchase.

The best way to ensure that a luxury watch is genuine is to see the proof of service or asked to perform a technical review on the official home (your own) before you buy.

Buy luxury watches at a particular:

Before anything, should carefully consider the clock. Get a jeweler’s loupe to check every detail.

Also ask how often owner performed maintenance or repair of the clock, if you are a sole proprietor or have been more. Ask also examine the roles of the clock.

Pay attention to the clock state and its operation: if you have any visible damage or missing parts. Check the status of the bracelet and if it is clean. Turn the knobs and make sure the needles turn right.

By paying the luxury watch an individual, we recommend that you do not pay the watch fully in cash. We encourage you to pay with a check to the carrier that will serve as proof of purchase in the event that will have any problem later.

Luxury WatchesLuxury Watches

If you are buying from a professional seller:

In many cases this is a guarantee for inexperienced buyers. The sales professional will ensure that the clock will sell meets all the requirements, will clean and polish the pieces, restore and replace any component cuff damage. Also, will ensure that the clock is original and not stolen, and can provide a guarantee. Of course, its cost is a little older, but you will have peace of mind.

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