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U-Boat ClassicoU-Boat Classico


When the Italian brand U-Boat unveiled its first model Thousands Feet with water resistance above 300 meters and made ​​in such a brutal design, though it is really torn away from the dashboard of the submarine, all fans of huge masculine hours, including this writer, was concerned Only one question: “Will not U-Boat brand same model?” There were fears that the new product this year, only a clone of the previous one. But no, fortunately, it did not happen.

New Watches U-Boat Classico AS also lead to the delight of those who love to watch has been great, weighty and unusual. True, these watches are completely different. Moreover, this year’s U-Boat in general presented an impressive number of different models, a completely different design.

On Web sites, fan clubs of the “big clock” (ie with a diameter greater than 45 mm) brand U-Boat, despite his youth, took the lead in the ratings, and discussions. Granted, this watch all the “wrong” and contrary to established law situation. Housing is too big to be ergonomic. The markup is huge, and there is no single drop of grace, as if it were real watches for underwater saboteurs. The dial is either too bright or even black, in which nothing is visible. One of the hits of this year from the U-Boat – a real underwater clock with BLACK markings on the black dial a black glass. Coated fluorescent compound, it is really only visible under water. Built by U-Boat did not attempt to combine in one model of several different styles, create a sort of “parquet jeep. They made a classic rough clock – for men, self-confident and with a good sense of humor.
Incidentally, the creators of the U-Boat. Mark due to its birth to two people: the Anglo-Lebanese fashion guru Mounir Muffarizhu and Italian designer Italo Fontana (IF0 letters in the logo of the brand is the initials of the latter). Muffarizh, which for years has developed a collection for TAG Heuer and Montblanc, was unhappy with the fact that the big concerns is impossible to achieve complete freedom of creativity. Until he met a fountain a hereditary designer and collector of hours, which for seven years developing the project U-Boat.

U-Boat ClassicoU-Boat Classico

Yes, in Italy there is no watch-making, all the mechanisms we buy the Swiss – told us Italo Fontana this year at the exhibition in Basel.But the Italian design in the production of cases it’s probably the most striking, distinctive and aggressive than others. I create a 100 per cent Italian watches are nice to wear, which is a nice touch. When you see this watch, I think you understand what pleasure I get, coming up with them!

Classico AS, a classic watch for real men. Classic also means most convenient and simple: from a clear layout to the steel casing on a strap, which prevents him from grinding attachment. The winder is located on the left side, so as not to interfere with the wrist (so put in hours for the divers), and is protected by original sealed fasteners, which can be easily unlocked by lifting the lever. But the most ingenious idea of ​​Italo Fontana hiding in the body. It is made of solid steel, and, given the size of the model from the “modest” 45 to 53 mm, wearing a colossus on the hand would have been hard. Therefore, inside the steel hull hidden special hollow chamber, which reduces weight.

Watches Classico AS from the U-Boat – is a guaranteed way to give yourself confidence and importance in the literal and figurative sense. Because the arm, ringed by such hours will not falter.

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