Tissot Number One In sports timing

Tissot Number


Have you ever wondered why in many sports displine timing of activities is entrusted to Tissot? In a scenario where riders can cross the finish line a split second of each other or the fencers to hit the opponent just a millisecond before the opponent does likewise, have a reliable partner is very important.

TISSOT has had a distinguished career as a stopwatch sport, thanks to its sophisticated technology dedicated.The history of the brand as a timekeeper Elvetico looks like the brand itself under the banner of tradition combined with innovation.

Tissot began producing chronographs designed specifically for sporting events in 1883, his debut in the racing official has however taken place in 1938 as a timekeeper for ski competitions of Villars, Switzerland.In addition to creating a series of high precision timing equipment, Tissot specialists in the industry have both hit the goal to pair devices for data transmission.

Tissot Number

A striking example is represented by the boards which form part of major sporting events from simple manual versions of the old days we moved to today’s technical masterpiece, complete with electronic timers, wide-screen monitor, statistics and other information relating to specific disciplines.

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