The secret of this “fashion” – Watches




Changes in style and positioning of hours of Pierre Cardin in the past year have noticed all those who worked with the brand. Moreover, the new style collections, more striking design, better quality of processing bodies, even by the smallest detail has attracted Pierre Cardifl new retail customers. Now Pierre Cardin 100% match was the definition of “fashion-watch. It is not just a clock with a known label on the dial and watch with an unusual design. These fashion watches (as, indeed, any fancy stuff) always look at their owner a little more expensive and elegant than the cost actually is.

Herein lies the secret of the modest charm of the fashion industry. For quite imputed cape money it gives the buyer the opportunity to feel great person. Of course, this must have fashion accessory style (just as with capital letters), which gives the brand a certain status.

The new team Pierre Cardin has found this style. Designers rejected most of the older models, leaving only the best: the asymmetric case, the combination of matt black dial with gold PVD. Swarovski encrustation and, of course, all sorts of harping on the logo «PC», made as a sign of “yin-yang.” In addition, the faceless references in the names of the collections have been replaced by stylish French names, which dramatically increased their visibility in the eyes of buyers. While the retail price of the clock Pierre Cardin has remained generally the same (90 to 200 dollars), their value as a fashion accessory has increased significantly.

The latest collection of watches Pierre Cardin, which in Russia is represented by Lux-Style “is a brilliant development of the image of the legendary French brand, demonstrating the art of chic to wear fashions, art stand out from the crowd and the art of living simply for pleasure. However, a new collection of Pierre Cardin’s called – Joie de Vivre, that is, “Enjoying life.”



New models of Pierre Cardin – probably the most French in spirit and style in the history of hours of this brand. In their design with the apothecary accuracy measured and connected to the luxury and austerity, simplicity and brightness of fantasy, fashion and modesty, originality and comfort.

Although the basic style of last year’s models did not change, we can see that serious work was carried out over the details. Arabic and Roman numerals mark the new hours are slightly larger and more sculptured, slightly increased the logo «PC», decorating most of the models, and decor items body and face have become more mature.

Particularly noteworthy are several new products from Pierre Cardin. Line Trapeze, which was previously known only to the male models in the original chronographs trapezoidal enclosure, now appeared in an interesting female performance. The dial is decorated with models of all the same famous logo «PC», lined by two rows of glittering crystals. The new model has appeared in the line of Silhouette. Here elegant engraved dial is framed by the logo mark as inlaid with precious crystals. Generally, as can be seen in new models of Pierre Cardin emphasis on crystals, gold plated, elegant details and engraving, which are visually closer to the luxury watches.

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