The Kieninger 85th Anniversary Floor Clock. We hasten to immediately talk with those experts,

Floor Clock


We hasten to immediately talk with those experts, who wondered why we decided to write about the clock 11 years ago. We know that the famous company of the legendary Black Forest, Kieninger, Mecca German interior clocks in fact, this year marks 96 years. Just this year Kieninger decided to re-release a limited edition floor clock, which she noted in 1997 its 85 th anniversary. Very much good then get a watch!

Founded Sepp Keningerom (1876 – 1936) in 1912 in the Black forest village Aldingen hour factory Kieninger Clock Factory has experienced many competitors. Kieninger the oldest manufacturer of mechanisms for the interior clock in the world. If you study the archives and hour auction literature, you will find that many models Kieninger considered classics in watchmaking, and the most famous now adorn the best museums in the world.

Floor Clock

This is not surprising, because so many functions that are essential to provide interior clock, born in workshops Aldingen. This 116-inch pendulum, which has allowed to create the first accurate indicator of seconds in the interior clock. This automatic shutdown of the battle at night. This module is a constant force, which provides a steady course no matter how much wound up the spring mechanism. This unique system of automatic release mechanism of the battle, which starts it only when the pendulum and anchor located at a specific position, and as a result of the activation mechanism of the battle and melodies does not lead to failures in the accuracy of the clock.

All of these inventions in the hours after the 85 th anniversary of the company are: second dial module constant force, automatic shut-off battlefield and tunes from 10 pm to 7.15 am, and the manufacture of machinery used famous patented technologies developed by Kieninger. Thus, all parts are made of extra strong brass gears made of hardened steel. All of them treated and polished using proprietary roller burnish – sequential polishing surfaces and holes with special rollers, rotating at very high speeds. Then the brass parts are covered with a very strong colorless lacquer and steel parts are nickel plated and are also covered with varnish. This varnish is really unique. He is not only durable but also extremely durable and able to form a perfectly smooth surface. That it is applied lubricant to the contact points between the interacting parts.

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