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Terra Cielo Mare watchTerra Cielo Mare watch

At the beginning of ‘900, in the wake of huge success in London, on the banks of the Thames, the foot-ball picks up a growing number of fans in Turin, near the Po,And just to “play the ball on the foot” to devote themselves passion even the workers of Fiat in 1919 under the auspices of the USofA (Unione Sportiva Fiat workers), give life to their team.

Among the most exciting matches played in that period stands the historic June 23, 1920 match against Sporting Ansaldo Group in Genoa which ended in favor of Fiat 4 to 0.

In that team, to forge future champions, and all sports, on and off the pitch, the clock is dedicated to Fiat FootBall 1920 Earth Sea Sky.

A chronograph designed and dedicated to football, where now stands the chronograph minute counter which is calibrated on 45 minutes rather than the canonical 60.

Terra Cielo Mare watchTerra Cielo Mare watch

Here is revealed the real peculiarity of the fiat football 1920, inside his barrel chest, inspired by 20 years, is animated by a special automatic movement, which were replaced some gearing that run the stopwatch on a scale of 45 minutes .

This peculiarity is confirmed by the “45”, red in color and exaggerated, of Quadrant chronograph minute.

The reference to 20 years is also reflected in the lettering of the dial, typical of those years, while launching the ball give it a sporty and dynamic appearance.

The clock face reveals another small detail that links this directly to watch football in fact the external hardware is complete until the forty-fifth minute, then the minutes are reported for any extra time and then, instead of 50 and 55, are 5 and 10.

Terra Cielo Mare watchTerra Cielo Mare watch

The movement Decorated in the exclusive Terra Cielo Mare with blue screws and processing “Cotes de Geneve”, is visible through the back where the sight of the 20’s Fiat logo is laser printed on the inside of the glass, while the date of the historic match, June 23, 1920, is engraved in the traditional manner outside the window of the bottom.

This model was produced in numbered series limited to 300 copies and is available in two versions: 150 and small silver-colored dial with red exterior and 150 with a yellow band that points to the small parts up to forty-fifth minute.

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