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Swiss watches Swiss watches



Christina design London – yet another watch brand that consumers will see in local stores this summer may serve as good examples of globalization and European unification. Danish designer created a watch Christina Hamby (Christina Hembo), who graduated Master of Arts in one of the best designers of educational institutions in the world, London University of Arts. It is because of his grades came out at the time such well-known masters such as Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Jimmy Hu.

29-year-old Christina has proven their skills so that in a flash short period of time led to an international level brand in its own name. Produced as its clock is not in Denmark (where the design center), and not even in Britain, and entirely in Switzerland itself.

From this international mix a really interesting product. In the hours themselves, as well as in name, merged Swiss quality and precision of the English, the spirit of “good old England” and innovation of modern London, an intriguing sparkle and beauty of diamonds.

Swiss watches Swiss watches


Diamonds are always popular. Artfully crafted diamonds have “girl’s best friend” long before Marilyn Monroe, and there are no preconditions to the fact that the interest in him ever to fall. Modern ladies still have a sense of awe to the subject of the true luxuries regardless of whether they consider themselves a fashion diva, femme fatale or a glamorous goddess.

Yes, it is the skillful use of diamonds in the record available to the retail price from 10 to 68 thousand rubles make the call for the creation of Christina Hamby attention. Designer herself said that the use of precious stones a response to the increasingly widespread artificial crystals. “Designing hours defies this. Today, when an increase in the production of cheap Chinese hours with artificial stones, I wanted to go in the opposite direction namely, to create a magnificent watches made in Switzerland, with a refined design and highest quality diamonds. ”

Swiss watches Swiss watches


Christina Hamby creative efforts are focused primarily on the fair sex. All models of women’s collection are encrusted with diamonds, and the vast majority of them have pearl dial.

However, diamonds – not only the precious gift of nature, have been embraced Danish designer. Thus, model 122.123 are “strap” of the river pearls. Perhaps this is one of the oldest stones used as jewelry because pearls do not need additional treatment.

Model 129 resembles that diamonds are not only transparent in this fashionable watch used 20 unique, pure diamond black. At all times the black diamond to represent a mystical power and wealth. Its amazing toughness and timeless beauty gave a sense of contact with eternity. Black diamonds are not afraid of the changing moods of fashion: all wonderful he is her legislator.

Men are also no stranger to diamonds, even when they do not shine on the imperial crown, and on luxury watches. A male model Christina design London not only shine with precious stones, but also boast a certain functionality. You can choose from chronograph with tachymeter scale, and adorned with six diamonds – 504-I model, which would be particularly helpful in the journey. Finally, watch the spectacular lunar calendar and 24 diamonds – a model 505, which can be seen in the illustration.

Hours Christina design London supplied by one of the most famous Swiss quartz movement RONDA, their body is made of high quality medical steel and the dial is protected sapphire and mineral glass.


In just three years, watches from Christina design London have taken a worthy place in the international watch market. To date, the creation of Christina Hamby presented in Germany, Britain, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine. And at the last show in Basel, it was decided that the descendants of the Vikings sent to the conquest of Russia – a contract on exclusive distribution signed with SkyTime.

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