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Success naturally determined  Success naturally determined


Today the place and importance of hours a person’s life is multifaceted than ever before. They and a tool for determining the time, and decoration, and accessories, and indicator of the status and position of the owner in the community. Most Russians, including a professional watchmakers, the stereotype: a good watch should be required by Swiss, well, maybe German or so, at least, English. But not Italian.

What is Italy? Country Heritage, a living history, olive groves, vast vineyards and fields, sea and sun. Perhaps this idea of ​​the Apennines – yet another stereotype of Russians. Of course, all of the above – the truth. But we should not forget that Italy is the eight most developed countries, and range of products manufactured here are the envy of any of the other powers. The main and real property in Italy – the creative potential of people, based on rich cultural heritage. This potential is materialized in the industry (cars, motorcycles, airplanes, boats), and architectural design, shoes, clothes, accessories, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, and of the associated infrastructure and new technologies.

Italy – the world leader in the design and manufacture of jewelry and fashion jewelry

In recent years actively and successfully played on the watch market. And, unlike most other countries, it is represented in almost all its segments. In the luxury

Brands Bvlgari and Versace, fashion – Breil, Diesel, Lockman, Technomarine, accessories fashion houses – Armani, D & G, Gucci, etc. Of course, actually watch brands still are not as sonorous as that of its neighbors from Switzerland, because to some extent they relate to the fashion-industry. But the fact remains: for design services of almost all leading watch brands turn to Italy.

Success naturally determined  Success naturally determined

New rising star on the Italian horizon hour mark was Rebecca. About successes in popularity of jewelry under the brand in Italy, the world and in Russia we told to BW number 4 / 2007 When in 1998 Alessandro Testi brought to market in Italy jewelry made of steel, inlaid with gold and diamonds, everyone called him crazy. Today segment, ten years ago created Testi, not just a place: there is fierce competition not between the Italian factory, but rather between the Turkish and Chinese producers. But on top of the iceberg, as then, is Rebecca. With the best quality, constantly updated collection, adequate price guarantee stamp Made in Italy.

The parallels suggest themselves. Success, as the closing element of sustainable development and is inevitable. The first line of hours provided by Rebecca in 2006, caused a real sensation at home, almost immediately recognized it and in many foreign markets. Fans not only look forward to the new collection. And in October of 2007 in Italy was presented chronographs Rebecca, and in December they appeared on the Russian stock distributor the company Eurogold.

Demand for new items in single-brand boutiques, brand stores and agents has surpassed all expectations. And it is natural: clock cause genuine delight. Brutal, they immediately attract the eye and stand out from many on the market chronographs. Noble building “Academy” (until now such forms were found only in models brands related to Haute Horlogerie) hours before a diameter of 45 mm and 38 mm. Colour variety of cases a combination of black, white and pink bronze – achieved through the use of PVD-technologies.

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