Star Project. When last year’s exhibition in Basel

Star Project



When last year’s exhibition in Basel, the presentation time stamps Paris Hilton, not the smallest 4-pavilion was filled so that the people had to climb the artificial palm trees, to at least a glimpse of who came to Paris. Naturally, in such a hustle and hype the question “What is it, actually, for the watch?” Was not the most important.

But now a year has passed. Distributors have time to get acquainted with the collections, summarized the first results of sales, has issued advertising campaign, he was in the last Basel appeared able to safely and without interference to examine yourself hours.

Star Project

On the hour we will tell. But in any case should not forget that whatever the original design as they are, wherever made, and no matter how much cost, watch Paris Hilton – it’s one-man show. Or rather – the actress shocking. scandalous secular Princess, which is called one of the most successful businesswoman today, surpassed even the achievement of his illustrious grandfather. Everything. what she did touch, makes a profit. Judging by the sales of the first year, this also applies to the clock. What is the secret of the commercial success of the brand Paris Hilton?

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