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Spectacular LuxurySpectacular Luxury


When we think of luxury watches tend to think of watches encrusted with diamonds or gold mesh and only then can we imagine the high value. But in reality, that kind of luxury watches are just a small part in the great variety of clocks considered “luxury”, which have unique characteristics for most of us. Let’s look at Some of these clocks also have functions that are practical (and some not so), plus eye-catching designs.

These are some of the most spectacular watches:

Spectacular LuxurySpectacular Luxury

  • Tellurium J. Kepler Ulysse Nardin, a revolutionary piece showing the rotation of the earth in a colorful and original central dial.
  • Astrolabium 2000 Christiaan van der Klauuw with an indicator of eclipses. This watch is made ​​of 18 carat pink gold and sapphires.
  • Another piece of Christiaan van der Klauuw, Planetarium 2000, is a prime observer. It has a subdial, which is a representation three-dimensional position of the planets in the solar system and the signs of the zodiac. Made with 18-carat pink gold.
  • Martin Braun Boreas shows two astronomical complications: first, the local time of sunrise and sunset, and second, an “equation of time,” showing the difference in minutes with the time shown on a sundial.

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