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Seiko Credor Seiko Credor


Credor Sonnerie was presented in 2006 at the exhibition Baselworld. Resourceful Japanese have created a complex construction, equipping it not a traditional anchor descent, and Patented Spring Drive, providing unprecedented for mechanical chronometers precision of + / -1 second per day. For uniformity of energy transfer clockwork spring wheel system meets the so-called three-synchronous LIMITED controller with two electromagnetic coils and the quartz element. The result is a very accurate and silent mechanism that is the case with Credor Sonnerie is extremely important, because the distinctive feature of this model together with high precision is still amazing clarity battlefield.

In contrast to many analogues, in-cabinet speakers which generates a “cathedral” bell-like ringing of the tiny church bell, Credor Sonnerie mimics the sound of a bell hanging ritual – one of the most recognizable symbols of Japan. This can not be confused with any other. Striking mechanism is equipped with its own clockwork spring with a 40-hour power reserve – it is visible through a carved floral pattern at 12 – and operates in two modes: beats every hour the appropriate number of strokes or every three hours by three strokes. There is also a function of time repeater operated by the button in the “8”. If desired, the battle can be turned off completely (switch in position «Silence»).

Seiko Credor Seiko Credor

Dial in Credor Sonnerie as such there is no (which is also not the least is done for the acoustic perfection), and under the gaze, opening bridges clearly visible complex mechanism consisting of 617 parts (for comparison: the mechanism of the famous Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon consists of 686 items ). Amid the scenic sg-bean-steel chaos remarkably clear look blued hands a total of five pieces: hour, minute, switch modes, pointer-reserve and reserve indicator mechanism of the battle. Chronometric built this masterpiece of experts from the member of the Seiko company Micro Artist Studio under the direction of Kenji Shiohary. In the Studio “is listed only eight people, and they all time professionals topper, which in Switzerland, you can count on one hand. Development of the model took them two and a half years, and now they are reaping the fruits of their creativity by producing annually for 5-6 copies Credor Sonnerie.

Credor Sonnerie

Mechanism: Caliber 7R06-driven Spring Drive; manual winding, power reserve of 48 hours; precision of + / -1 second per day or + / – 15 seconds per month
FUNCTIONS: hours, minutes, reserve indicator, fight, watch repeater (switch in position “12”)
Body: round, rose gold, diameter 43.2 mm, 16 mm thick
Strap: alligator with folding clasp.

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