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Seiko WatchesSeiko Watches Bearer of the most sophisticated technology and major innovations in electronics and watches, the Japanese giant Seiko remains a leader in its segment, not only by the technique of their watches but also for its style and design.

Seiko watches, distributed in Spain by Geres, are designed and manufactured to suit any type of activity or time. Sports or classic and elegant, the time machines Seiko preside over the fate of each moment of our lives in the most functional, accurate and reliable.

If you already revolutionized the world in 1969 the clock with the launch of the first model of quartz, in 1994 again surprised with the Seiko Kinetic, a clock “green” does not need batteries to generate its own energy with the movement of the arm of its user . Wearing the watch for one day, build up a reserve of energy to operate for a minimum of 72 hours with precision quartz movement. Following the launch of Kinetic different lines have been happening, the latest, innovative surprising, is called Actur, a collection designed by Jorg Hysek where technology is at the service of design for a cutting-edge clock, modern one-piece box smooth finish thanks to the metal injection molding, MIM.

Seiko WatchesSeiko Watches

Version both women and for men, the Seiko Kinetic have now become its own right, in XXI century clocks. In addition to the library Kinetic, Seiko has a wide range of models of the art for all tastes and needs, from Chronos and models for various different sports, most notably the Scuba world’s first watch for divers with sensor analog which allows automatic measurements of dive watches to more traditional and made ​​of titanium, through the youth to a more informal … All with the quality and revolutionary manufacturing techniques Seiko Group.

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