Sasio Sport.For over 20 years Casio world is perceived as a high-tech company,

Sasio Sport


For over 20 years Casio world is perceived as a high-tech company, widely used in its products the most advanced technologies, and as a leader in the manufacture of sports watches. Model series SeaPathfinder, Protrek, Phys become indispensable companions for all who enjoy traveling, water and extreme sports. Two new models from the series Phys – CHR 100 and CHR 200 – intended to reaffirm that status. In contrast, Protrek, companion traveler, they are intended for those professionally or almost professionally engaged in “peaceful” things: running, sports walking and other similar types of these watches are a compact cardiac monitor to monitor and adjust the load during training.

Both models consist of two components: a chest strap that holds a special sensor for detecting electrical fluctuations in the heartbeat, and the actual hours that will not only show the time, but also serve as a monitor. New items provide information about the load on the heart in real time and allow the athlete to ensure that a given training intensity, which leads to achieve maximum results.

Sasio Sport

In the article about the classification of sports watches, we said that we must distinguish the model sporty and designed for sports. So, new items – professional sports watches, in which all the “sharpened” to the needs of a particular sport. There is not only the traditional chronograph and memory at 200 and 300 laps. They will show the level of load current and will help to control its intensity: the athlete can specify the maximum parameters, above which the clock will be served a beep. These clocks can compile a detailed portrait of the practice: in each of the segments they remember pinpoint the average frequency and intensity of the heartbeat, the time during which the load was below / above a given, the total time and energy expended, a CHR-200 is also the maximum load on each circle. Help ensure that the rhythm of exercises designed and automatically restart the timer, which can set the interval for up to 100 hours with an accuracy of 1 / 10 second. CHR-100 provides data on heart rate only in digital form, a CHR-200 – also as a convenient for the perception of schedule.

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