Russian Moser. Brand K. Mozer without reservations can be quite

Russian Moser


Brand K. Mozer without reservations can be quite call our national heritage hour. After all, the Russian branch of the old English company produces the best in the world bronze jewelry and interior clock. During the years of presence in the Russian market, and this almost ten years, the company managed to produce more than 60 models of its own original design, most of which are unique. The Russian branch supplies all the more exclusive watches in the famous shop of K. Mozer at London Knightsbridge. But do not forget about the Russian company and the customers who frequently bought watches from the discharge piece unique to the “Russian theme”. The Russian market is one of the most promising, so recently K. Mozer decided to release a series of clocks “Federation”, designed exclusively for sale at home.

Round base and upper body wound around the intricate design of gold leaf, inlaid like dew drops pearls. The two branches are connected shestikaratnym jewelry topaz. Also Topaz ,colorless and blue laid out part of the flag. Alai tape on it flows through hundreds of pomegranates. On the reverse side of the case one more ornament a coat of arms, laid out the famous brand Moser Florentine mosaics.

Russian Moser

Interestingly, these truly Russian watch in principle are made only from domestic materials precious stones and the traditional red gold. Non-Russian remains the only movement. And this time, the wizard K. Mozer decided on a particular experiment and equipped the “Federation” quartz movement. Moreover, they decided to deny this quartz capsule function battle. The company explains that this is done for the convenience of future owners, because the clock after all desktop and probably will be used in classrooms. In this case, the battle will distract the wearer from work.

I must say that the topic jewelry watches Russian company K. Mozer returned five years ago. Returned to their own traditions laid down by source. Step is quite logical having won “bronze” pedestal in Russia, the company rushed to the “golden”. Director-General of the Russian representation of Victor K. Mozer Turovinin said that to do manufacturing jewelry watches in Russia, he persuaded a number of experts at the largest jewelry exhibition in the United States of America, they believe that the tradition of old masters Mozer and Russian masters past two centuries and especially the genius of Peter Carl Faberge, can miraculously reborn in modern Russia. Repeat the work of old masters is almost impossible, but to approach them on the level again to become the best in their field, is quite real. ”

Meanwhile, K. Mozer hopes for a month to release 4.3 instance unique watches, and all of them will be 10. In this series of Russian clock does not stop, and the immediate plans for a model in a silver casing, adorned with double-headed eagle.

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