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Romanson intends to consolidate the dominant position in the Russian market. Now the range of one of the most popular brands will consist of 9 collections, which are called Romanson subbrendami. They are watches that can satisfy the diversified tastes of consumers of all ages.

The new system

If earlier Romanson as a separate collection of expensive series Eleve hours and Marigold, watches business class Tulip, and all the rest is rather arbitrary divided into a series of Phil and hours that are not included in any of the collections (mostly female models were on the bracelet), then new system of classification of products is very different from the old. Romanson decided to give the collection a more structured form.

Appeared a number of separate collections of hours – subbrendov – united under the banner of the parent brand Romanson. Total number of such collections will be nine, and they must cover all models Romanson. Preserve traditional Eleve and Marigold, do not disappear very popular in recent Tulip, have a new birth of Phil, a well will be new, previously unfamiliar to the buyer Adel, Modish, Opus, Giselle, X-trim. In addition, acquire an official status subbrenda series Trofish.

Representatives of the company explain its Romanson, sufficiently revolutionary step of changing market conditions. The new system assumes that each subbrenda other than your own logo, individual design concepts. Such an approach should facilitate more accurate tracking of individual models Romanson hours for different groups of consumers according to different cultural backgrounds, tastes and preferences of end consumers of products of the company Romanson. Now a closer look at the new classification.

Eleve, Marigold and Trofish

As for expensive parts of the collection Romanson (Eleve, Marigold, Trofish), there is not much change has occurred. Eleve to continue to be supported thin and graceful forms, embodied in first-class materials. These watches are for those who appreciate the uniqueness and does not pursue an artificial gloss.

Hours of the basic elements of a series of Marigold will continue to be done manually with the use of precious metals and stones. Save the model Marigold and its uniqueness. They will be produced only limited quantities.
As for the series Trofish, then it will now complete subbrendom, while maintaining the brightness and cheerfulness of the tropical colors of coatings and straps, as well as the framing of the many glittering stones, so that now fashionable. Trofish model is primarily intended for young people who want to stay at the peak of erratic fashion, and of those, it tries to outrun her irrepressible flight.


New subbrend Adel combines traditional and modern concepts of watch design. In the hours Adel past meets the present, clearly felt nostalgia for the elegance of the 60’s and at the same time in the design of many elements of modern fashion. Models in this series features a variety of style and individuality. Adel unite updated models of the outgoing series Tulip and the brightest representatives of the series Phil (such as a model with an open balance NM2116HM). The target audience of this series are primarily traditional buyers of brand Romanson. While a number of updated models will be useful for young audiences.


Model with a pronounced functionality are united under the banner of a new subbrenda Opus. Clock in this series are primarily designed for people who prefer sporty. Quartz chronographs and chronograph with automatic winding, large calendars, and increased water resistance – these are just a few characteristics that distinguish the clock in this series. Functionality combined with sleek design makes Opus suitable for both sports and everyday wear.


Design subbrenda Modish distinguishes underlined aestheticism. It combines the clean lines and simplicity of execution. Minimalist design with simple geometric shapes (such as a circle or square) in harmony with the modern urban environment and modern clothing. Buyer of hours – a typical city dweller, and avoid unnecessary and non-functional decorative details in clothes and interior.


A collection of women’s watches bracelets brought brand Romanson deserved popularity in many countries. Concept subbrenda Giselle has incorporated all the basic features inherent in the brand Romanson and valued customers worldwide. The new name Giselle is intended to make a fresh impetus to the brand’s image and attract the younger generation.


An updated series of Phil brings together the most elegant members of the family Romanson. Models of subbrenda planned to offer customers at very affordable prices.


Subbrendom most mysterious of the new lineup is the X-trim. The company is the name stands for the combination of the concepts of “generation neXt” (the next generation – today’s teenagers) and “extreme” (extreme sports so popular among the young). As the name implies, the clock in this series are designed for young people, whose spirit defy danger and adventure. These watches will have a number of digital functions and a dynamic, futuristic design. This mysterious subbrend I called because at the moment it consists of one model in which a full presentation of the series difficult.

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