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One of the most notable trends of the last time was the diversification of the manufacturers product range. Increasingly, the watchmakers and represent the public jewelry Bijou collection, and jewelers are beginning to produce watches. This is not surprising. To the development of related industries manufacturers trade on the one hand, pushes the intense competition, on the other – the desire consumers have more things beloved brand. Typical example – the Italian jewelry company Testi SPA, whose collection of watches has caused this year in Italy a real sensation.

Testi SPA was founded in 1998 by Alessandro Testi, one of the pioneers of modern directions of fashion jewelry, which is now its president and chief designer. Until last year, the main direction in which the firm has succeeded much is the production of jewelry and jewelry under the name Rebecca.

Products under this brand is unique. Most manufacturers of jewelry and jewelry makes a bet on any one material: gold or the now fashionable steel, sometimes diluting it with stones. Skate Rebecca combined in one decorated with various materials: 316L steel or bronze inlaid with pink or yellow gold 750-carat and enamel accents of white and black diamonds, natural gemstones, and black ebony. The combination of cold steel and light warm yellow tones, smooth polished and rough ground surfaces deliberately gives the product of this mark a special charm and always makes the buyer pay attention to the storefront with Rebecca.

However, only a selection of modern materials can hardly explain the popularity of brands and only in Italy, she presented in 1200 stores. Its secret lies elsewhere: in a combination of integrity and reasonableness of the collections, their focus on the broad strata of buyers and refresh rate range.


Rebecca gives a person the opportunity to purchase a full set of jewelry: pendants, earrings, bracelets, watches, rings, cufflinks. Therefore products from Rebecca interesting buy for themselves, and as a gift, because there is almost unlimited opportunity later to buy more kit and more new elements. In this decoration Rebecca, perhaps unique in the world who have a clear meaning orientation. A wide variety of collections the Aztecs, tribal, dragons, fantasy, Egyptian, Chinese themes, etc. lets you select a gift for any occasion for anyone. And most of the collection is designed to both women and men. Few competitors can catch up Testi SPA and refresh rate selection: the new model, the company will present three or four times a year.

Thanks to all this decorating Rebecca radically different from the products of other brands, refreshing showcase and attract a buyer. Solid branded packaging and promotional materials add a sense of expensive and stylish things belonging to a certain community of like-minded, looking to the future with confidence and optimism.

The success of the brand and the tremendous scope of retail trade was valued hour group Movado, which concluded with Testi SPA contract, appointing the latest official distributor of Tommy Hilfiger hours in Italy. And recently, the Italian manufacturer has appeared and its own line of watches.

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