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How important nowadays to distinguish and see all the colors. At the present time so much colorful, bright, iridescent, that want to see all these colors. After all, when you look at something in color, for example, when you see a rainbow always up for some reason the mood. And apparently using this principle, the designers of Tokyo decided to create a “rosy hours” in which instead of arrows colored roundels.

“Rainbow clock” in appearance is very simple, with an ordinary dial with twelve digits, but the only thing that distinguishes them from ordinary mechanical clock, is that they have no arrows. But then the question arises, what clock without hands on them and how to identify and understand the current time. And it’s much easier, those colored balls, which we have already said, and are responsible for the function of the shooter. A more accurate to say only two colored spots, which, running around, change their color. On the dial you will see two balls, blue and red, blue indicates the minute, and red indicates the clock. At the intersection of these two colors, we obtain the color purple, this intersection occurs at number twelve. In the action, “rainbow watch” very simple and easy to understand, nothing complicated, you only need to distinguish colors, and do not confuse what the ball is responsible for what. Otherwise, you can skip everything else and miss all the planned activities. And, it would seem that these “clocks” are no different from conventional mechanical clock, the same face, same numbers, however, that the arrows are not those, but still the same direction. But the “highlight” lies precisely in color, colors that make our lives brighter and happier. These colored spots on the dial will help lift your mood and charge you with positive energy, for example, the difficult work week, or just to decorate the gloomy weekdays.

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