Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe Watches It was in 1839 when Antoine de Patek and Adrien Philippe Patek Philippe founded the firm with the desire to “produce the finest and most valuable watches.” Your dream has come true for almost one hundred and sixty years, deserve to be the only Swiss watchmaker has regular production mechanical movements marked with the “Geneva Seal Master, a certified established in 1886 and reserved exclusively to the true watchmakers and for the technique which ensures the reliability, accuracy and duration of movement.

Patek Philippe wrist chairs, ladies and gentlemen refined, showing the world that even the smallest detail of these watches is studied to perfection to get the most accurate and beautiful pieces. Although the company benefits from computer-aided design and cutting instruments of extraordinary control, man-in Patek Philippe remains the most respected tool.

Patek Philippe Watches

From nine months to manufacture a gold watch for men, up to nine years to create the gauge 89, the astronomical clock chime bracelet world’s most complicated, Patek Philippe dedicated to each of its models the time to fully develop watches with their own resources. More than 3,500,000 parts involved in the manufacturing and finishing process to produce about 20,000 watches. Patek Philippe manufactures over 35 types of movement of 15 basic sizes which together require 6,500 different components. Calatrava, Nautilus, Gondolo or Ellipse closely follow the principles set by the founders of this brand, longing for all those who love the works of art that are perpetuated over time.

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