Paris boutique Sentry home Jaquet Droz exhibition runs.In Paris, held a photo exhibition, which is devoted to one of the most talented artists

 Paris boutique


In Paris, held a photo exhibition, which is devoted to one of the most talented artists, inventors, 18 th century founder of the watch house Jaquet Droz Pierre Jacques Droz. Photo exhibition reflects the basic spirit of the company Jaquet Droz – aristocratic elegance and restraint. The author of the photographs is Jean-Michel Berts. His photographs of cities, streets, squares and buildings, creating an amazing presence and simultaneously convey a sense of mystery.

Jaquet Droz – one of the oldest and most respected watch brands (founded in 1738). Manufactory Pierre-Jacques Droz become popular in the late XVIII century, when the first few hours under the brand Jaquet Droz crossed a continent to get to the collection of Chinese mandarins, the Indian Maharajas and Japanese emperors. For a few years Pierre-Jacques Droz managed to build a thriving company, whose products began to enjoy unprecedented popularity in many countries around the world. Jaquet Droz secret skill to this day remains a mystery. Master managed to develop a fundamentally new standard hourly mechanics, which were subsequently adopted as the basis of all watchmakers. Jaquet Droz small workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds still producing masterpieces of the watchmaking art, elegance and sophistication that are standards in the luxury world.

 Paris boutique

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