Panerai Watches.In 1935 the Royal Italian Navy investigating new war machines amphibious assault

Panerai WatchesIn 1935 the Royal Italian Navy investigating new war machines amphibious assault. The then Ministry of War was released to source for their divers watches, watches with special characteristics in terms of visibility and underwater harsh environment to which they have seen submitted. Commercial clocks existing at that time did not yield the expected results did not support the ordeals to which they were subjected, their limited brightness and poor resistance to water intrusion and pressure effects were decisive.

After an initial unsuccessful search for the Navy is directed to the house Panerai , a company specializing in naval and submarine equipment specialist.

Panerai For this design in a waterproof first original design, practical and extremely robust done in collaboration with Rolex for the supply of small parts and components. Radiomir born: for this is aimed at Rolex. Watches allowed, in effect had to meet very specific characteristics and be able to withstand the rigors of military use as well as support, where appropriate, an extreme depth or a loud explosion. After the failure of the first tasks of the “incursióri” de la Marina, (a special body that would make Italy was famous in the world), the Admiralty also addressed the Panerai signature.

This invitation of the Ministry of Marine was due to two facts: Thanks to the experience gained in collaboration with the Navy for surface ship equipment, underwater equipment and switches (eg ignition systems of torpedoes) and thanks also the fact that Giuseppe Panerai, son of Guido, meanwhile had opened in the Plaza del Duomo, a reputable store, which still exists today: the “Swiss Watch.”

This shop gave him a new signature experience and useful contacts with industry Switzerland, which had become the nation watch par excellence, combining two technologies, mechanics and craftsmanship of a very high level, and other specialized measuring time leading to the realization of the most extraordinary submarine clock and original story.

Panerai Watches

Panerai Society got down to work. Housing is designed in collaboration with Rolex watch that provide mechanisms and small components. Born the first prototype of famous Radiomir Panerai.

In 1936, Panerai delivers first Radiomir watch group that offers excellent results.

It subsequently made ​​several modifications to reaffirm its technical success, the thin handles are replaced with metal pin by more robust and replaced the original screw-down crown by a patented system that ensures superb sealing operated by a lever on the crown. The area is covered by a luminescent layer, the indices and numbers are coated Radio allowing near-perfect visibility in difficult environments.

The Radio harmful radiological effects used in the first Radiomir are the reason that in the 50’s it was replaced by a compound of Tritium, more secure and manageable material and features equally suitable for a correct vision in the dark. The Radiomir are renamed “Luminor”.

Reissued in 1993 Panerai Luminor mythical.

Today Panerai produces a very limited number of pieces of high technical quality and robustness. Their models are very appreciated by the audience understood that values ​​history and prestige of this already legendary watchmaker Italian home.

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