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Out of competitionOut of competition



Watches Tommy Hilfiger – this is the case when a brand can fill a dozen pages. The history of the fashion brand, company history Movado Group, which manufactures watches Tommy Hilfiger, view themselves collections, which number more than eight dozen! On the other hand – why bother to say anything?

Tommy Hilfiger brand and its red, blue and white logo in Russia knows, probably all. It is in Russia, because in the case of Tommy Hilfiger, the words “world famous” does not mean the U.S. and Europe or the narrow circle of the actual fashion, reading glossy magazines, but really massive popularity around the world. Simply walk down the street to within 20 minutes to meet at least two men dressed in something from Tommy Hilfiger.

In this case, Tommy Hilfiger brand is not “cut-price fashion, mass tracing the more prestigious brands. All collections of Tommy Hilfiger have original and unique style, to develop their own brand lines of various celebrities (such as Jennifer Lopez), and the designer is still closely monitors the entire production, which is under his name.

So what’s the secret to the success of the World Tommy Hilfiger? The fact that this brand is totally natural. All of its products: design, quality, range, price and recognizable logo – created for a person to acquire these things without thinking. Not be standing before the mirror, thinking, fit or not, but just bought a saw at the showcase. Do not make an exception and a clock. When in 2002 the company has given a license to produce hours of Movado Group, the goal was clearly defined: to buy and wear a watch Tommy Hilfiger should be as natural as wearing a sweater, tie or shirt, Tommy Hilfiger. And judging by the success of the watch brand in America, Europe and Asia, Movado Group managed to achieve full contact with the image. Came the turn of the conquest of Russia.

Out of competitionOut of competition


Provide manufacturers of watches Tommy Hilfiger still needed. Tommy Hilfiger, along with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis for over 20 years among the four best menswear designer in the U.S.. And it is unlikely that title ever lose: his style is amazing, is not shocking, is not intriguing, but can not and will disappoint. Brand Tommy Hilfiger, whose first collection appeared in 1984 – is the answer to the prayers of those who wants to look fashionable and stylish, but does not want to addle this head.Even the actors, singers, top models, politicians and businessmen have in something and just walk the streets, travel, engage in routine work and not call every time a stylist for the selection of a suit. That is why the Tommy Hilfiger brand is a favorite of Bill Clinton, Hugh Grant, David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Not paid attention to Tommy Hilfiger and elegant woman: Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears new items regularly wear Tommy Hilfiger, Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Hilfiger has created for her own line of jeans, a top model Iman became the face line of evening wear.

“Clothes should bring satisfaction to be creative expression of your self, emphasizing individuality. My collection includes clothing for all occasions “- speaks Hilfiger. And not just clothes. Since Hilfiger began his career with the first collection of men’s shirts, he managed to cover the entire range of mass-market: clothing for men, women and children, accessories, shoes, handbags, jewelry …

It is important to note that Hilfiger has always adhered to the rule: everything that is produced under its brand, should be the same quality, style and prices to consumers did not arise disappointed in the brand. Therefore, for hours, he turned to the company, one whose name is a guarantee of quality and prestige of the watch industry, – Movado Group.

One of the largest U.S. corporations guards, owning their own brands of high-end Movado, Concord and Ebel, the group also produces under license from the fashion-watch Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Hugo Boss and Coach – iconic names in the fashion industry. It is also important that all Tommy Hilfiger watches are going to own businesses Movado Group with the Swiss and Japanese arrangements ETA and Miyota, housing of stainless steel, titanium and gold PVD, and are decorated with these crystals Swarovski. Build quality, WR no less than 30 meters and an international warranty of 2 years provides the Movado Group. While the design of each collection is created with the participation of the Tommy Hilfiger.

Out of competitionOut of competition


Before we talk about watch collections, we must imagine what Tommy Hilfiger does not actually sell things. He sells the brand. Coined them the logo, using the colors of the American flag (actually a combination is typical of most European flags), is a sign that attracts people.

At launch the first collection in 84-year, Hilfiger has spent almost the entire advertising budget for my company. But after two years of cost recouped many times, only one line of shirts, bringing revenues of $ 11 million. He advertised in the press and the Internet, on billboards and outdoor rock concerts and tours maintains cult musicians, sporting events and charity events – no matter where you come anywhere you can find the tricolor flag and the name of Tommy Hilfiger.

To Russia with Tommy Hilfiger at the outset was absolutely the right approach is chosen: a big country – big volumes. In 2001 in Moscow was opened Europe’s largest chain store Tommy Hilfiger, and the number of franchised shops will soon be measured in thousands.

And in keeping with this approach, Tommy Hilfiger watches are not just another new fashion brand, but the whole concept of advertising. Marketing support, branded displays and POS-materials in its diversity may well compete with an assortment of themselves watch collections.


Ace, Audrey, Aurora, Barnes, Beacon, Bristol, Cameron, Fairfax, Franklin, Moab, Mollie, Naples, Riverside – these are the names of only those collections that distributor Tommy Hilfiger, the company “Adora”, considered the most promising for the Russian market. In total there are about 80 hours of collection.

And, as in dress Tommy Hilfiger, everyone can find here something of their own. Girls come to the delight of her watch romantic Audrey on the strap of the color of skin with a thin outline of flowers and hearts on the dial. Or from a sports Asa embellished Swarovski and pink accents on the bracelet with the logo of Tommy Hilfiger in the bezel. While an excellent option for sports men – Barnes line in a massive steel case with dark blue dial. Need a more official version? Fairfax line is an elegant business hours form “barrel” with steel bracelet or leather strap. A decoration of the fashion department will be bright large chronographs Moab, original design model of Naples and just a very smart Riverside actual hours of steel with rubber and gold PVD. New Tommy Hilfiger watch collection is not twice a year, like most fashion brands, and four – so the store always provided novelties. Complete Collection sostalyaet 500 copies. And recommended for shops – 50-70 copies. (Mean – 9000 euros at retail prices).

In fashion circles there are rumors that Tommy Hilfiger does not love his perseverance and absolute dedication to mass taste. Most likely, it’s true. Tommy Hilfiger does not like – first of all competitors.

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