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For millions of dollars

Cerruti 1881, like most fashion brands, represents a new collection twice a year. And no sooner had we appreciate Basel novelties have come on the Russian shelves in early autumn, as there is a new collection. And it differs from the old one is not two or three stones, and a new color of the dial, and a completely original, modern and actual design, interesting models that are sure to attract attention and women, and that is typical for Cerruti, men.

As you know, the style of the fashion house Cerruti pretty unique. It is based on the original technology “ready Haute Couture. This means that things made by the standards of high fashion and the individual cuts, the mass is cut and ready-made focus on the mass buyer. The famous suit Hitman, which is a young fashion designer Nino Cherruti released in 1957, for quality, style, fine workmanship and the overall impression from the figure of the owner is not inferior to expensive costumes made to order. To become a “man for a million dollars” will no longer have to endure endless tedious fitting of the cutter. It was enough to go to the store Cerruti, choose the appropriate Hitman – and out of the mirror you look at a completely different person. It is this collection of men’s suits, sewn by exclusive technology Nino Cherruti, and turned a small family textile factory in the world-famous fashion house.

To celebrate the half-century, late last year, designers hour direction Cerruti 1881, presented their version of “Million Dollar Men”: a limited series of hours Hitman, named in honor of the legendary costume.

Only novinki   Only novinki

In the series of Hitman are 4 models, each edition will be released in 1881 instance. Just like the best costumes Nino Cherruti. is “ready Haute Couture, but not massive. The first two models – smart variation on the theme of the popular sports series Comandante. Powerful sleek 8-sided enclosure size XXL with rimmed with black PVD, combined with a simple, pointed minimalist dial, embossed with Roman numerals and recessed dials with additional counters. Model on a black rubber strap is available in two colors – white and black face – and gives the impression of this Sport de Luxe.

Next model in a limited series Hitman is based on a more “official” line Odissea, although it is also a chronograph. Rectangular body size XXL, curved to form the wrist and a black dial with gold indices, though teetering on the brink of classic and manly sports style. Like the Comandante, limited chronograph Hitman Odissea can also select two options: completely black and with inlays of pink gold.

Complements a series of representational Hitman sports line Odissea Sportiva. These are the same rectangular model this time without a chronograph, to secure the rubber or rubber-steel bracelet. And, again, black steel and black-and-gold palette make these reliable clock in the fashionable men’s accessories and status.

Only novinki   Only novinki


However, for women Cerruti also presented a very interesting novelty, it is comparable with luxurious Hitman. The first is a collection of Diva, consisting of four variants of the chronograph dials with different colors: frosted pink, gray, brown and bright pink. The form of the chronograph for the stressed elegant ladies’ model is chosen in order to reinforce the impression of completeness of graceful circles counters, combined with round gold case, decorated with crystals Swarovski. So Diva, on the one hand, it seems very relevant polusportivnoy model corresponding to a fashion trend, “watch as my guy,” and the other is a very feminine piece of jewelry that can be worn with business suits, and evening dresses.

Two new female models Cerruti someone may come as a shock: they – digital. However, along with those who categorically rejects the digital suite, has always been a lot of fans of fashionable watches that are crazy about this style. Not surprisingly, the digital collection of Cerruti 1881 Fashion LCD is very popular since its launch in 2004.

Now on its basis the company is even more interesting line of Stella. Wide LCD display with gray, especially “dull” numbers combined with elegant bracelet made of rubber and rose gold. If you want to you paid attention at the party, Cerruti 1881 Fashion LCD will be the best option.

Of course, we can assume that luxury watches are displayed at the LCD and LED (for Cerruti there is such, it enters the bestsellers in the U.S. and Europe) – is nothing more than an experiment. However, Cerruti 1881 and therefore remains to this day a respectable historical house, located at the forefront of the fashion world, which focuses not only on “average taste”, and all the time looking for something new, bright, at times provocative. Without this continuous search for any brand can lose its face, its unique style, for which, in general, and buyers pay cash.

Fortunately, Cerruti 1881 is absolutely no danger. Very soon we will see new items next Basle, and there is no doubt that they too will amaze and delight a little shock.

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