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In 2007, the launch of the first OMEGA Co-Axial caliber produced internally by the Swiss Maison has represented a major breakthrough in the world watches. The revolutionary Co-Axial escapement was immediately recognized it as one of the best series of mechanical movements in the world. In recent years, OMEGA has further enhanced the already considerable skills in long-term stability and accuracy of its watches in the spiral developing silicon Si14.

OMEGA technique puts great confidence in his movements pairing with Co-Axial escapement and spiral to the point that silicon has announced that from November 1, all these movements will have a guarantee of four years.

The unique quality of silicon
The spiral of the budget 14 (chemical symbol that refers to the atomic number of silicon) has qualities that enable better performance than possible with the springs made with traditional materials.
Silicon, for example, is not magnetic and therefore, the performance of the spiral of the balance in this material are not affected by exposure to magnetic objects. Moreover, while the performance of mechanical watches tend to deteriorate over time due to the small everyday impacts, these elements of disorder are quite modest on the spirals on silicon.

In addition, the silicon allows a greater freedom of construction of the spiral arm. This allows you to modify the geometry to optimize the isochrone, ie the quality of the oscillations that are produced in equal amounts of time. This results in a reduction of the deviation of the accuracy of the clock.

The Revolution Co-Axial
Gauges Co-Axial escapement are made based on the homonymous designed to significantly reduce friction compared to the traditional anchor that has been, for over two centuries, the benchmark for the industry. In this way, you reduce the wear and consumption of lubricants resulting in longer service intervals and a precision clock maintained longer in time.


Moreover, while in an escapement clockwise and counterclockwise pulses are supplied indirectly by the escapement wheel to the hard rocker through the anchor, resulting in significant loss of energy, pulse time of the Co-Axial escapement is given directly from the teeth of the escapement wheel which engages the lever on impulse, which increases the mechanical efficiency and provides more consistent accuracy.
OMEGA Co-Axial escapement has a free sprung balance. The pace of the march of the clock can be adjusted by changing the moment of inertia of the balance wheel instead of repeatedly changing the active length of the spiral. Adjustment is done by means of integrated micro-screws in the wheel of the circular barbell, a much easier for watchmakers. This design improves impact resistance and prevents the noise caused by contact with the spiral arm.

A winning combination
The spiral of the budget 14 adds the benefits of Co-Axial movements – long service intervals, excellent accuracy and mechanical efficiency remained longer – guaranteed by the stability of silicon. The result is a winning combination that has allowed OMEGA to offer a guarantee of four years with the clocks of these two revolutionary technologies.

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