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The South Korean company ECCO yet known in Russia is much less than his Danish namesake, but the mix of their products can not: Danes produce shoes, and the Koreans – the product of high-tech ceramics. The company was founded in Seoul in 1977 under the name Jinsung Watch Co. Ltd.

In 1987 he was a registered trademark of ECCO. and around the world began to open stores. 10 years later the company was renamed ECCO Watch Co. Since 2001, Seoul masters involved in all time shows and gaining fame as one of puchshih watch manufacturers of ceramic optical materials. Of course, the issue of only hours i c can justify, the huge sums invested by the Koreans in the development of new technologies. The plant, on consumption of energy comparable to a small town, manufactures parts for prestigious mobile phones, accessories for sophisticated electronics and many other products, which are required a special strength and highest accuracy.

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Ceramics, which operates ECCO. is extremely vague resemblance with that. of which are made flower pots or dishes. They have in common except the name so the manufacturing process: any ceramics obtained by sintering metallic material. In the case of the pot, this material – aluminum oxide – better known as a clay. In the same clock using zirconium oxide with small additions, and the resulting product is called “high” or “zirconia” ceramics.

To get housing or a bracelet, a powder under tremendous pressure blown into the form and storage of “fired” in the oven. Without special additives, ceramic parts are dark. To give them different colors in the zirconium powder was added ultrapure toner. Part of the furnace goes almost finished, and only occasionally requires polishing.

Zirconia ceramic is fragile, but at the same time, features outstanding toughness. It has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale: no file, no glass or quartz crystals will not leave scratches on the surface of the product. “Overcome” it can only diamonds and minerals of the corundum group. No less difficult to melt it, which led to the use of high-tech ceramics in places with high temperatures, until the skin of spaceships.

watch burn


As already mentioned, the use of hours of various ceramic materials has become fashionable trend of recent years. On a good half stands in Basel you can see a model with a ceramic bracelet, buttons, inserts into the case. But usually, it’s all available mass buyer due to high prices.

We can therefore say that ECCO is a breakthrough not only in technology but also in the availability of goods. It has never watches from high-(Zr) ceramics do not appear in the segment of fashion and not be sold for 10-12 rubles. Until recently, for this price in store offers a model in which the ceramics were made by only a few items.

Today, the demand for hours of ceramics is particularly high in those markets where buyers differ in dynamism and attraction to high technology, especially in Asia. In Russia, interest in them is a continuous trend. The emergence of low-cost hours, the same quality as the best European standards, is sure to be enthusiastically embraced and ladies got a chance without a large financial cost to choose ceramic clock right color for your wardrobe, and lovers of technological innovations (remember what unique properties have material). People who suffer from allergies, ECCO provides an opportunity to wear watches without fear for their health. Through the use of Swiss movements and RONDA ISA ceramic clock from ECCO promise to reliably serve for many years while remaining always attractive in appearance and maintaining excellent accuracy characteristics.

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