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retro styleretro style


Today, no more, perhaps, any one industry where we do not feel “unobtrusive” presence of China. In recent years, powerful expansion of the Chinese manufacturers is observed on the market of cheap clockworks. Releasing a very cheap low-quality products, they pose a real threat to the economic health of companies, traditionally the backbone of this industry. Price, who say the Chinese, significantly lower than the prices of key players. The reasons for this gap is easily explained: virtually free labor, the minimum cost of an acquisition or independent development of high-tech equipment, primitive quality control system.

On the one hand, to compete with the firm, fixed and variable costs which tend to zero, it is difficult if not impossible. The matter has already reached the market exit of individual players, which until recently accounted for a significant proportion of the world’s machinery. The well-known Swiss company in the summer closed its factory in Malaysia. On the other hand, this situation stimulates the large manufacturers to move forward, revising its strategy and product range, develop new niches in which they can fully use its advantage in technology development and product quality.

The situation in the market mechanisms have a direct impact on the market hours. With the advent of cheap mechanisms made possible the growing number of companies offering watches for previously unattainable low prices. This makes it difficult for many traditional producers.

But we know that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. The traditional price paid for a low price – as low quality. Up to half hour, equipped with cheap Chinese instruments, are sent back to the manufacturer. That is why major watch manufacturers who care about the reputation and long-term success, not in a hurry to switch to Chinese products. Especially the cooperation with large companies such as TMI, allows not only to avoid complaints of consumers and losses on the exchange of defective goods, but also receive additional benefits through the use of new models of mechanisms that are fashionable and popular features.

One of these features has recently become retrograde indicators. Enormous demand for mechanisms with retrograde indicators due to time trends of fashion and the fact that, until recently, watches with similar features and design were available only to people who can buy expensive products. But the new brainchild of TMI will change the situation.

retro styleretro style
At Moscow Watch Salon hosted the world premiere of two completely new mechanisms developed by TMI, taking into account the prevailing market trends. It read multi-series mechanisms VX3S and VX3T, crowning a new series of retrograde TMI. While this line of motors manufacturers are guided by the following philosophy: offering collectors hours a little more expensive than the classical retrograde mechanism, the company enables them to significantly increase the cost of the final product, ie hours, due to repeated increase their customer value due to the presence of such complications. For example, new items are worth about $ 5, compared to about $ 1 for the most massive classical mechanisms. However, depending on the make and model of the price difference is finished with retrograde hours and the usual calendar can range from $ 20 to $ 100. In addition, modern fashion models have an additional advantage: they help maintain the interest of producers of hours to the mark.

Release of the previous series of retrograde mechanisms VD8X fully confirmed the correctness of such a strategy, and TMI, and its customers. Only six months have passed since their premieres this caliber left in the sales leaders. It is expected that the same way as those models, new items will be in demand from producers hours of middle and high price range and, especially, watch manufacturers with a long history, who wish to broaden their product range.

Ideology of the line gauges VX from TMI can be described as “affordable watches that look as expensive and complicated.” Most of the gauges is a series of Multi-display mechanisms, or “psevdohronografy: they look like a chronograph, but those actually are not. It is this concept has become key to the success of the series. By purchasing the hours during which a person gets colorful, interesting and expensive-looking model for more than a modest money.

Gauges VX3S and VX3T created entirely in the spirit of the concept. Watches with these mechanisms look like a fashion, but also expensive and complicated. This feeling is achieved due to the presence of several additional indicators: In addition to the traditional hours, minutes and seconds, these mechanisms are arrow indicators of the date, time and retrograde day of week. His hand is doing consistently gone from Monday to Sunday, mentioning the date of the week, and then in one leap back to the mark “on Monday.” The main visual difference novelties from previous calibration series VD8X is the presence of an indicator of time of day.
Depending on the desired design watches manufacturer can choose from two variants of retrograde: the position of 9:30 (caliber VX3S) or 10:30 (VX3T). This will allow a minimal cost to diversify product range manufactured by hours.

In recent years, additional mechanical clock functions are becoming more popular among buyers. The presence of some special items that allows a model to other people, becomes a decisive factor when choosing your purchase. Such detail, “chip” is very important regardless of what style of watch a person wants to be seen on the wrist: an elegantly refined with precious inlay, stylish fashion and high-tech analog. Gauges VX3S and VX3T help manufacturers create hours just such a model. Therefore, the hours that will set new mechanisms are doomed to success.

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