Morellato Watches

Morellato Watches


The watch lovers who know me and read this blog often be thinking that I went crazy, a little more than a few days ago I wrote a brief review of the Model Speed ​​Masters Ladies Omega 38 mm , a watch valued at Euro 7500 and I am here today to “tell” who was overwhelmed by the new watch collection Morellato Colours.

It is indeed perhaps the title is a bit ‘too much, however, this new collection of watches is really pretty typical summer so much so that for the first time I logged into my shop and ecommerce in my watch like this.

Hence the desire called “emotion” to communicate it on my blog and facebook page of my shop and now watch on the blog because it seems no one has yet done.

Morellato Watches

Morellato Colours is a collection of eight colored quartz watches, are models suitable for women given the size of the box, only 41 mm.

The price (49 euros) is really exciting as the seasons, spring and summer, when the Colours of Morellato “challenge” the agguerita team of competitors that there is in selling this kind of product.

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