More than a fashion brand.What unites Claudia Schiffer, Karen Mulder,

fashion brand



What unites Claudia Schiffer, Karen Mulder, Cindy Crawford, Nastassja Kinski, and Linda Evangelista? Their stellar career began with the signing of a contract with a modeling agency Elite. Fall into this “clip” – means to secure lucrative contracts with the leading cosmetic manufacturers, participated in the shows of legendary designers featured on the cover of famous magazines and, of course, wealth, party, fans travel all over the world.Is this not dream of almost every girl, no matter what country it may be lived? It can be confused in the name of fashion brands and do not know about the latest collections of the Paris shows, but the name of Elite, where do the stars of fashion, familiar to each of the fair sex, even setting up a fashion magazine.

Watches made famous fashion brand, shoppers ascribe to the world of fashion. Watch from the legendary modeling agency – more than fashion. It is a dream, embodied in a small accessory on your wrist. And thanks to the fact that this dream is clothed in an elegant design case with gold plating and sparkling crystals, and even at quite a nice price, belonging to the glittering world of high fashion is quite affordable.

This explains the huge success of Elite hours less than four years in such diverse markets as the Middle and Far East. Western and Eastern Europe. Latin America. Southeast Asia and even Africa. Soon after the first collection of brand was introduced in 54 countries. Elite models are ideally suited to any market, a well-established or developing, rich or poor, since they have a carefully balanced concept of visual appeal, reliability, price, and so desired by the target audience’s image.

fashion brand


Those who could attend the Elite stand at the exhibition in Basel, certainly drew attention to the displays, showcases and POS-materials hours. All products supporting clock Elite is designed according to the rules of the fashion industry, so watch shop that represents the collection of Elite, once transformed, becoming a real fashion boutique. Fresh design, modern design with a predominance of glass and metal design elements reminiscent of the dress studio model agency, to attract attention to the store a youth audience. And not just girls, in the range Elite also has a number of men’s collections made in the trendy large-scale, combining steel, gold plating, rubber and ceramics. They certainly attract the boys gravitate towards creative professions. Advertising campaign in the youth and glossy media and corporate public relations of all products on the famous Elite parties, inviting top models, the agency throughout the year worldwide. Is a blatant invitation for all to join the club this top fashion.

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