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Meistersinger Meistersinger


New MeisterSinger No.03 with an automatic mechanism complements a small collection of single-needle hour, which the brand for several years has gained an international reputation. In fact, the first performance at the Basel Exhibition MeisterSinger occurred only six years ago, despite the fact that some stubbornly continue to insist that if the clock with the Lone Gunmen are familiar to them long ago.

“With me it often happens says Manfred Brassler, the creator and owner of the firm – the clients have told me with pride that even their father had MeisterSinger. I take these words as a compliment.” Perhaps, then, that the clock with one arrow unwittingly considered to archetypes, explains the extremely simplistic dial. Single arrow needle-shaped at all desire can not be made thinner, and the scale, like a millimeter to 144-minute dashes (12×12 in five minutes is 720 minutes or 120 hours), has in itself something normative. In addition to all hourly numbers of worthwhile leading zeroes are more like a complex timekeeping than a simple answer to the question “what time”. “A client once wrote me that his MeisterSinger symbolizes for him the free time grins Brassler. Availability of one hour, hands and really creates the illusion of chronometric freedom.” Yes, and strictly normalized operating time is also losing its strict appearance, if it is not measured in seconds. Watch as a sign of slowing down – so why fermata in the logo of the brand?

Finally, self-winding

Single-needle clock MeisterSinger to date have always had a mechanism with manual winding. Model No.01 brought into action rarely used Caliber ETA 2801 (with a diameter slightly larger diameter of the well-known Peseux – Caliber 7001), which, although well suited to the small body diameter of 38 mm, are simply lost in the huge (43 mm) package. To that – in cases with enlarged version of No.01 and followed it No.02 – is better suited Caliber ETA 6498 (known as a mechanism pocket watch Unitas), because, having diameter of 37.2 mm, it occupies almost the whole internal free space and, moreover, much more impressive look of the transparent back cover. New MeisterSinger No.03 with automatic caliber ETA 2824-2 is also available in two sizes, but here we are dealing with a new design on the back cover of the six bolts. Wide welt especially the version with a diameter of 43 mm – meant for placing chemically etched labels that look sleeker and more spectacular than the inscriptions made by the laser. Among other things, here used a convex sapphire glass – better than mineral.

Automatic watch more hours of hand-wound, but they concluded exquisitely chiselled, rodinirovanny movement with the rotor, decorated with a pattern Cotes de Geneve, and blued screws.

Meistersinger Meistersinger

Nomen est omen

That is in the singing schools of the Middle Ages knew how to get into the “new tone” to be elected in Meistersingers (literally, “master of singing”), as told Richard Wagner in his opera “Nuremberg Die Meistersinger”. Who wants to create something new, must first get a general idea of ​​its field activities. Manfred Brassler over the past twenty years much has grown expert in the border areas of watch industry. He was a co-founder of fashion watch brand Watch People, who had incredible success before the big hour concerns teamed with respected fashion brands to jointly conquer the market of fashionable timepieces. Then Brassler collecting classic wrist and pocket models to examine the stylistic features of hours in different era. Here he was helped considerably to advance the analysis of music by Johann Sebastian Bach. “Bach wrote nothing for the sake of effect summarizes Brassler, each note has its meaning and purpose. Absolutely nothing not to be missed.” Often referred to comparisons with inexpensive Montres a Souscription (“subscription-clock”), who once thought Breguet to attract customers and to download his studio, not so bad: “podpisniki” too in the end had only one hour hand. True, the reason for that was the thrift customers. Brassler contrast, reworking classic dvustrelochnuyu concept for purely aesthetic reasons, has not yet reached the point at which no longer have anything extra and only then realized that he had found a “new style” of the new century without breaking tradition.

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