Market Watch

Market Watch


Admiring the glittering window displays and exhibitions of new Watch, we often do not realize that we’re watching the tip of an enormous iceberg.

The market this fantastic and fascinating field is the most articulate we can possibly imagine. First, it must be emphasized that the clock is divided into several strands that correspond to areas of origin.

The lion’s share of the course are Switzerland and Japan, but you need to know that there are major fashion house in France, Britain and Italy.

Another important and most sensitive subdivision has the constructive side.
We can separate all the clocks, from all sources into two broad categories: Manifactures and Monteries.

Manufactures are considered to build homes which carry the watch fully in their establishments, often from the design stage to completed.

Monteria the other hand are those who buy homes in significant parts of the clock, merely making themselves to the assembly and testing.
But not all.

Among them the house they are classified into four categories, depending on the level of prestige and cost with which you have on the market, of course parameters and at least theoretically respond to the quality.
The four categories are: Prestige and Luxury, High Range, Medium Range, Range of base.

Market Watch

Add to all this yet another fundamental premise.
The market has been for years (and even currently) the subject of the battle for the conquest of the most significant “chunks”.

The result was a situation where a few large groups are owners of the house.

Within the group appear more often than many brands of the same market segment, for which, while responding to higher fees imposed by the director of the group, the various brand-manager battle it out. Duties of officials of the Group is therefore to coordinate the competition so that the struggle to produce useful and not self-goals.

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