Mango. Birth Of A Brand – Watches



Living in a sultry Spanish Izaak and Nachman Andik hatched the idea of ​​creating its own brand a few years. Name the two brothers came during a trip to the Philippine Islands and for a long time to define the style and brand philosophy.

Because of the tropical fruits of mango heard by all Europeans, but his taste for many a languid mystery. Tropical evening, the sound of the ocean, mystery and a burning desire to try. These associations are, embodied in the production of MANGO, ensured the success of the brand among its target audience – young, dynamic women, residents of cities to get involved in fashion.


To date, MANGO over 1000 stores in 89 countries around the world every year opens about 120 new outlets. Now the face of the brand is Penelope Cruz, who was replaced by Milla Jovovich. Russia has successfully operate 11 out of the thousands of stores.

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