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Luxury Watches Most Popular  Luxury Watches Most Popular


The popularity of a watch brand depends heavily on the times we are living. When sales began early pocket watches, these new objects to time also gave some status to the holder.

A brand becomes popular if it can adapt to generational changes, and a brand that has always known it is the first set today in the popularity ranking: Rolex.

Rolex watches have been the icon of luxury watches for their excellence and have become the most popular luxury watch and most traditional. This has been achieved by offering a variety of watches for all tastes and all ages and for being the first brand to use massive advertising to advertise their watches. But advertising, not a product or a story behind has little effect. Rolex has also been traditionally linked to innovation. In 1926 introduced the first wristwatch waterproof, the “Oyster case”, later launched the “Perpetual” with a new twist rotor machine. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay wore Rolex watches when they climbed Mount Everest in 1953.

Luxury Watches Most Popular Luxury Watches Most Popular

The next in popularity Rolex Cartier, Omega and TAG Heuer. Cartier watches have influenced your style simple and elegant watch designers of the twentieth century. In 1888, Jean Cartier was the first to make a wrist watch for women that included gold and diamond bracelet. The Omega is credited with great achievements, and reach the moon in 1960 and being the official timer of the Olympic Games since 1932. The watch brand Tag Heuer watches, and specializes in sports timers. Tag Heuer brand has been the official timers at many sporting events like the Olympic Games, FIA Formula One (from 1969) and the FIS Ski World Cup (since 1992). Tag Heuer today is associated with the Formula One Grand Prix and the golf legend Tiger Woods.

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