Luxury Watches Most Expensive.The price of a luxury watch is relative,

Luxury Watches


The price of a luxury watch is relative, since there are several factors that influence its value. Some of these values ​​are indisputable, such as quality and quantity of materials used in their manufacture, their more or less complicated mechanisms and utilities offered by the user, such as calendars or watches. But there are other more subjective factors such as brand or signature of the watch maker, age or history, the number of units manufactured per year, exclusive and extravagant designs, watches with special features or unique. These factors have great influence in setting the market price of a luxury watch.

Has recently gone on sale a very exclusive watchmaker clock Francois Paul Journe. Taken over 6 years to design and manufacture and has definite plus 3 years of waiting to purchase one. Its value $ 560,000 is estimated at luxury watch is the most expensive in the world today. Only be produced by year 3 or 4 pieces, and there are two people in the world to own one. This watch is also characterized by having a device to mark the hour chime with a crystal clear sound and only detectable by its owner.

Luxury Watches

Another valuable piece is the Faberge egg with diamonds cuckoo clock Rothschild family, acquired in a bid for a buyer of Russian origin by no less than 12.5 million euros in November 2007. And during this year’s “World Time”, 1939, the Swiss Patek Phillipe, was auctioned in Geneva and was sold over 4.8 million euros to Asian buyer.

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