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Esineydena hours Esineydena hours


Spanish designer Loto Esineyden (Loyto Esineiden) previously known to us with his concept of clock speedo under the name “Koko Muo” decided once again to surprise people and introduced a new concept watch called the KUU. Hours KUU performed in a very interesting and creative design with a crescent moon on the dial. No, you do not think that these watches are designed to determine the time of day, they, like all the usual hours indicate the time, but that’s just a way to determine the time of this clock is not the easiest.

The fact that the watch designer Loto Esineydena (Loyto Esineiden) have virtually no arrows, but are equipped with something different, more interesting than the arrow. Conceptual hours KUU consist of three disks, one rotating clockwise and the second disc, which is an arrow (by the way, on this watch is only one arrow) also rotates, showing us the hours and minutes. These two discs of different colors, one white and one black. The third disc remains unchanged, and is divided into 12 equal parts, and how to dial in charge of the clock. But the most important work still operates two disks that rotate clockwise, white disc – with an arrow, and black,with markings for the minutes. These two discs at the intersection create an image of a crescent, which is fortuitous time moves and changes its position, as the month of sailing across the night sky. Agree, to determine what time it is not so simply, but the design is so beautiful that you can buy them just for that. Moreover, the “clocks” from Spanish designer Loto Esineydena (Loyto Esineiden) connoisseurs of the classics like the look and style as well as design hours KUU not only creative but also very stylish. Can only wait, and when those hours to appear on the shelves, but for now only remains for them to enjoy the beautiful view of the picture.

Esineydena hours Esineydena hours

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