Lorenz launches with “Vigorelli”.Until April 17 Lorenz will attend to the Fuori Salone in Milan

Lorenz launches with "Vigorelli"


Until April 17 Lorenz will attend to the Fuori Salone in Milan with a hat-trick led the clock Vigorelli Italian Matteo Ragni.

For all those interested in design at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Lorenz decided to give a tribute to the city of Milan, with which Lorenz has closed a licensing agreement with the ‘ clock Vigorelli , named after the famous velodrome in Milan and that will be on sale at Pandora Design Shop in Corso Garibaldi 44 to a very special price.

The unique temporary shop Pandora, which Lorenz has renewed the collaboration, will sell for two other historical items related to his Italian Design: Static by Richard Sapper and Neos of Culdesac, both winners of the Golden Compass Award.

The Vigorelli Velodrome was founded in 1935 with the idea of ​​Joseph Vigorelli, industrial, councilor to the municipality of Milan and runner in his youth on the track. The system now becomes an important reference point for cycling enthusiasts who crowded the stands to follow the sprint and pursuit races, as well as boxing matches held in the ring at the center of the lawn.

Lorenz launches with "Vigorelli"

Vigorelli to run the samples and the kids who learn to ride a bicycle and Milan retain the same enthusiasm for some and to others, filling the stadium for the minor competitions. In 1944, the Vigorelli is bombed, but the following year was soon rebuilt and reopened to the public. Closed in 1975 before being reopened in 1984, but unfortunately the following year during a heavy snowfall, the roof over the track gives way, causing extensive damage.

From this point on begins the decline of the structure, although restored and reopened to the public will not achieve more splendor than before.

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