Le Chic: French lessons .To look feminine and fashionable, requires imagination and courage.

Le Chic


To look feminine and fashionable, requires imagination and courage. Of all the accessories that are in the arsenal of the beauty of women, watches, jewelry plays a major role. Unlike clothing, for the hours needed only a hand. But taking it, they simultaneously become a symbol of social status, owner, and the subject, which corresponds to a certain style and mood.

France legislator of fashion, glamor and style continues to delight women around the world. Apart from the traditional brands of cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry and clothing, French designers present new products. These include, for example clock-jewelry Le Chic. If a traditional classic clock main criterion is minimalist, the clock-jewelry Le Chic a parade of color, shine and chic.

The symbol of the brand Le Chic is a butterfly, a symbol of renewal and development. It is no accident. One of the principles to which the company should be for many years, is a commitment to continuous development. Presentations of new collections, new products, collaboration with contemporary designers, participate in fashion shows, participation in exhibitions, the restyling of the image marks the steady expansion of distribution that’s a small list of the company’s achievements in the global space.

For example, the presentation of two new collections (ceramic clock and skeletons) has become a sensation at the exhibition “Moscow Watch Salon 2006”.

Creating a collection of ceramic hours Constance, the company Le Chic managed to combine high technology with a chic and glamorous changing fashion trends of the new millennium. Not being afraid to experiment with new materials, Le Chic presented a very topical clock.

The company introduced a Le Chic, and another new collection hours-skeletons with proprietary mechanisms Enigme. The concept of hours Skeleton Le Chic is to achieve a visual pleasure. Filigree mechanism ceases to amaze its mysterious beauty.

Closed shell models with high-sapphire crystal. Clock-skeleton collection Enigme became the first watch in the world jewelery hours, decorations, having a function of automatic winding.

Le Chic

The company’s specialists Le Chic understand that there is little to offer the buyer simply a good product. Necessary to draw attention to products, among many other proposals and to prove that Mark Le Chic is worthy of attention.

In the spring of 2007, based on the results obtained in 2006, the company Le Chic has decided to start up the process of restyling that included a package of measures aimed at improving the existing visual elements of the brand.

The change of business equipment company Le Chic stresses that the brand reached a new, higher stage of life. In addition to expanding the range of average and high price segments, it is ready to offer a clear improved format and a new visual style of the brand Le Chic.

Since April 2007, Le Chic is proud to present to the Russian market update, beautiful, stylish and easy-branded accessories. New color and type of accessories designed to emphasize the style of the brand and attract new sophisticated Russian buyers.

Le Chic

Since the spring of 2007 the company launched in Russia is another project: opened Le Chic Club or Club Shikomanov “as it became known with a light hand of one partner. The club members will automatically become participants in the bonus program in which receive a discount on the entire range. Thus, the personal discount partners Le Chic increases even more.

Russian buyers at any time can join the fans of French style and become a member of this club. To do this they need to buy Watches Le Chic in the salons participating in the project and receive a discount card with the right to purchase the watch-jewelry discount on subsequent purchases. The discount card is not deleted and can be transmitted to others.

The next aspect of Le Chic Club an organization of advertising support for the club members. Shops partners promobukletami provided for distribution to visitors salons. Preparing the second edition of the glossy fashion publications with information about updates and useful tips, rewarding customer hours Le Chic. Quarterly run stocks, which are to provide gifts to buyers hours of Le Chic. No less importance is given to advertising and sales locations. In the presence of free advertising space in regional shopping malls company Le Chic is always ready to consider options for placement of advertisements and advertising layouts to provide the required format. The above actions are aimed at addressing the major strategic objectives.

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