Laser bracelet watch Alessi a new project Andy Kurovetsa.Famous for all the “watches” market designer Kurovets Andy (Andy Kurovets)

watch Alessi


Famous for all the “watches” market designer Kurovets Andy (Andy Kurovets) no time we were surprised by their designer fashion, his watch and, although superb. In his wristwatch everyone can find a part of himself. His wristwatch is present and the style and design, and a certain playfulness. Many have heard about it for hours, “the individual farmers,” clock “under lock and key” clock “test for fertility,” it is also his job. And in today’s article focuses on yet another work Kurovetsa Andy (Andy Kurovets).

This new gadget called Alessi nothing like a laser bracelet, able to project the future. In view of these watches is not like a clock, apparently they look like a very classy bracelet, but with a little “cunning.” On this bracelet has a small button, when clicked, the owner of this bracelet will find the time. Pressing the laser beam is projected onto the wrist of human current time. All of those hours easy, no complicated operating principles and zamorochennyh designs which are very difficult to understand. But apparently this is the whole “highlight” of the project Kurovetsa Andy (Andy Kurovets). A bracelet with a laser clock certainly look closely lovers of minimalism and classic style. True clocks are not put on a business suit or evening gown, but for walks in the park to meet friends for trips outside the city, especially for business meetings in a non formal setting these hours should be fine. They will say for you that you are good at fashion, style and respect the value of good quality. And those who keep all of these qualities, always want to deal with. About Laser wristlet watch «Alessi» from designer Andy Kurovetsa (Andy Kurovets) can talk endlessly, like all creations of this designer, but just do not tell me until I do not see.

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