Ladies Wrist watch with diamonds.Everyone has long known that girls love all the beautiful,

Ladies Wrist watch


Everyone has long known that girls love all the beautiful, glamorous, brilliant, whether it be crystals, gems or precious metals. And women decorate the handle can be any of bracelets, rings, chains, costume jewelry and when more time and show it at all wonderful and beautiful and functional. New wrist watch from an unknown designer, who preferred to remain anonymous look very cute and attractive for any girl.

Stylish mechanical watch made of metal with imitation precious stones – diamonds, have a leather bright red color (the color of the strap, you can choose any flavor), a metal disc and battery grade 377, which comes complete. And as such glamorous watch water resistant (but for scuba and deep immersion in water, they do not work) and have a size of 4 * 4 * 1.3 cm These women’s wrist watch more interesting not only for its functions, but also the appearance that appeals to girls more total. Round metal disc on top added another drive and a triangular shape in the center of this composition is a question mark, which is framed by imitation diamonds. This accessory is aptly complements your image and give it grace, beauty and style. But such an unusual form of watch and a question mark in the middle, which is attracting attention inadvertently attract the attention not only to girls, but the opposite sex. And this is an excellent opportunity to explore and a new appointment, which can again be put on these beautiful watch with diamonds. As well as watches with diamonds perfectly complement your evening dress, stylish disco attire and even glamorous youth style can complement these beautiful watches women’s watches with simulated diamonds.

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