Kings Chronometric Estate.Grandson of Henry Erwin inherited a love of the grandfather

Kings Chronometric


Grandson of Henry Erwin inherited a love of the grandfather to the complex and elegant watches. His dream was to create hours of the highest quality, and all his life he devoted to honing the traditions of watchmaking and the introduction of innovative production methods. In 1958 Erwin Sattler founded his own company Erwin Sattler Munchen.

In the mid-80’s management of the company passed to his daughter Stephanie Sattler-Rick. With the assistance of a watchmaker Richard Mueller She turned her into a famous manufacture in full accordance with the teachings of its founder. Today, table and floor clocks and watch accessories manufacture Erwin Sattler made limited series and is considered one of the best in the world. Professionals and collectors consider their standards of quality, accuracy and good taste. Erwin Sattler watches are characterized by high precision, top quality and incomparable elegance. The manufacturing process weighted to the last detail: the company has even set up its own laboratory equipped with sophisticated equipment. It experienced designers simulate a variety of natural phenomena, to subsequently reduce their undesirable effects on the mechanisms. Almost 50 years master manufactory only do that would buy yourself, and that’s why their products will still marvel at more than one generation. Creating a masterpiece of time can take 2 years. This is quite a long time, but infinitely small compared with the centuries that it will serve. Each time the emergence of a new masterpiece by Erwin Sattler becomes a high-profile events in world industrial timekeeping. Professionals Erwin Sattler owns a number of unique inventions whose value can be illustrated by recent developments of German craftsmen: watch box with Automatic Rotalis II, which has no analogues in the world, unique watches safe with pendulum clock Troja XVI and specialized hours yacht Nautis.

Kings Chronometric

For owners of expensive collections

Hourly box with function of automatic winding Rotalis II was created specifically for owners of expensive collections. As is known, modern watches require greater attention, in particular, they should start every day. When you have the toughest hours rather than the usual trehstrelochnoy model correct reading of all indicators is extremely difficult. In addition, the delicate nature of the microscopic details can not withstand a permanent third-party interference, so for many hours of exclusive self-adjusting pointers simply unacceptable. Each of the two cells Rotalis II is equipped with a complex machine with special software. Individual programming allows you to specify an individual pace and direction of rotation of winding mechanism in accordance with the manufacturers. Incidentally, mechanical maintenance boxes consists of more than 400 parts and complexity can give odds to many time styles.

Luxury collection

For the more affluent collectors in Erwin Sattler stashed another latest invention – Troja XVI – hour safe with pendulum clocks. 16 internal boxes separately programmable for automatic winding carefully kept ticking collection, continuously maintaining the progress of each instance. Crowned with a splendid collection of real pendulum clock with high precision up to 1 -2 seconds per month. For comparison: even for well-regulated wrist watches tolerance range of + / -7-10 seconds a day. In fact, the owner of the safe gets along with safety and reliability of the opportunity at any time verify the testimony of its chronometric treasures with “personal” time standard. In the manufacture of body Troja XVI used precious woods, and basis of its pedestals built safe, which will be the eternal guardian of the family relics. This multifunctional piece of furniture to complement any room in any home and, moreover, will surely be its semantic center.

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