Junghans Watches.With its new Strategic Plan for Expansion in the Spanish market

Junghans wstches With its new Strategic Plan for Expansion in the Spanish market, where it operates through Spain Junghans, the German company, world leader in the manufacture and sale of watches and chronographs, has renewed his appeal sample with new models like the “Countdown” or watch the Third Millennium.

Mega Solar Ceramic line and the latest Junghans Tourneur, all heirs of an advanced technology capable of developing accurate clocks, elegant and innovative design and cutting edge. Junghans line Tourneur, with its timeless design and elegant, offers hand-made timepieces, whose high quality is expressed in the great attention to every detail. Their quality craftsmanship members include selected movements for automatic chronographs and timers in this line, the automatic movement cal. 2824 / 2 and mechanical movement cal. Valjoux 7750, with a power reserve of 44 hours.

The official certificate to ensure Junghans timers Tourneur a variation of less than 5 seconds in 24 hours. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal and the crystal and screw down crown, part of the great virtues of this genuine collection of Junghans. On the other hand, Mega Solar Ceramic watches have an energy store that allows them to continue operating for six months in complete darkness.

Junghans wstches

Also, your radio system with an embedded antenna inside the box, avoid having to change from hour to winter and summer. Time for Mega Solar Ceramic is adjusted at any time by a radio signal, which together with its power system solar energy, allows for maximum accuracy these sophisticated time clocks, hand crafted and guaranteed for two years.

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