Jewel Watches. A growing trend in the world of luxury watches are called Watches-Jewel

Jewel Watches


A growing trend in the world of luxury watches are called Watches-Jewel. This kind of watches are what the name suggests, ie a clock to measure time, and a shining jewel to look and be fashionable.

Major international fashion firms began adding to their collections of luxury watches and accessories, emphasizing his own style of fashion design. Brands such as Christian Dior, Chanel, Hermès and Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani have joined in the libraries.

Watches-Jewel These are mostly handmade pieces, made, assembled and decorated by hand. They are virtually works of art, and as with most luxury watches, their circulation is limited. For example, the Watch-Chanel J12 Joya, has a circulation of only 5 units. There are also cheaper models, industrial manufacturing and large print runs, for less demanding buyers or do not have much chance.

The latest collections are dedicated to Christian Dior Watches-Jewel. A model is stunning Dior Christal Chronograph Red Passion has diamonds, is decorated with 307 diamonds mixed with red sapphires on the bezel and the red lacquered dial and indexes. The bracelet has a single row of 216 diamonds between two rows of pyramid-shaped carved sapphires.

Jewel Watches

On the other hand, Step One manufactures watches less exclusive, with print runs of 180,000 units per year, which also lowers the cost to the buyer. This firm is dedicated to both the technology side of the clock, but to his aesthetic as a fashion accessory. Its designers are international designers such as Armand Basi and Devota & Lomba.

When buying such watches, which have many precious stones and diamonds in its design, experts recommend carefully examining the surface of each gem or glass being careful not show any imperfection. And although it is a matter of taste, recommended prefer watches with fewer stones, but higher quality, and not those that are high in quantity but lower quality.

The most important brands Van Cleef and Arpels , Harry Winston , Klaus Kobec , Cartier, Gucci, Michelle, Anne Klein and Givenchy. These brands are preferred by most women to be a perfect combination of style and functionality. These watches are designed by high fashion designers and in many cases are very unique pieces.

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