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Jaeger LeCoultre clockJaeger LeCoultre clockThe legacy of Antoine Le Coultre to watchmaking is a unique, inventive genius, his sense of perfection and Manufacturing which he founded in 1833. Only a man like him could set the standard with the signing today measure their creations. After their marriage in 1925 with Edmund Jaeger, Jaeger-Le Coultre flag continued to eat the love for work well done and an insatiable scientific curiosity that can be seen in their beautiful and complicated timepieces that are born of artisans workshops located in the Valley Joux (Switzerland). There, all parts of the Jaeger-Le Coultre watches, even the smallest screw, is made ​​with great detail to ensure a legendary longevity.

The time history of Jaeger-Le Coultre, a brand that is distributed in our country per Catholic, SA, has been decked out as exclusive watches Reverse eat, which represents 60% of the turnover of the company, and that declines Duoface models, Day-Date, GT, Duetto, floral and Reveil. The idea of these watches in 1930, at the whim of some British officers have a watch able to resist the violence of a game of polo, retaining a distinction worthy of gentlemen.

With Reverse, the watch crystal is a box per protected finely engraved, or have two watches and two time zones, driven by a single mechanism. And the Master-Control line, Reveil, Date, Chronograph and Geographique leads to the conquest of the spectacular, after 1,000 hours of testing and controls.

Jaeger LeCoultre clockJaeger LeCoultre clock

The search for the absolute is another feature of Jaeger-Le Coultre, which makes attaching it to your imagination to conceive such wonderful pieces as the Atmos clock desktop of the least temperature variations extracts the energy that allows you to work without winding up during more than 600 years, because there are no secrets for this firm trying endlessly to achieve the highest perfection.

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